How to Choose the Right Wood to use for Your Deck - Main Factors to Consider


Article by: Malcolm Kay

There's a huge range of wood , Hiring a Designer for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project species available for building wood , Spice Up Your Bedroom With Paint decks, so how do you decide what's best?

The best way is start is to consider the factors that are most important to you, your particular circumstances and the proposed deck , Home Improvement: Ten Pretty Good Rules location and then give a weighting to each factor to come up with the best option. Everyone's situation is slightly different, so what's best for you, may not be appropriate for someone else.

There are probably seven most relevant factors which you should take into account when deciding what lumber species is best for your situation.
These are:
Type of wood , Choosing The Right Fireplace To Increase The Value Of Your Home!!! (hardwood or softwood)
Natural , Kitchen Cabinet Knobs durability
Colour , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions of the wood
Ease of machining and working
Environmental , How To Care For Your Furniture considerations

Hardwood or softwood
Most softwoods with the notable exception of western red cedar, some cypress species and a few species of pine and larch are not naturally durable and will decay quite rapidly if left totally exposed to the weather. , Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Fortunately softwood species readily accept chemical preservatives so when treated, their durability can equal or exceed most of the naturally durable hardwood species.

Durability refers to a combination of properties , Things to Consider when Buying a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi Tub which includes resistance of the timber , Controlling Dust Mites in Your Home to decay, termite and borer attack and also to splitting and checking when used under exposed conditions. As wood , Move 9 items: Increase Life-Potential 9 times! is a natural , Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners – Advanced Technological Cleaning Power! product, it's not really possible to assign a precise or absolute value to the durability of an individual species. And the actual life which can be expected of a deck , An New Innovative Tool for Hanging Drywall in service will be dependent on many factors including degree of exposure of the deck , Learn About The Different Types Of Mattresses to the elements, prevailing weather , Quick Tip: How-to Remove Common Stains Like Oil, Fat, and Tomato Sauce conditions, the air , How House Plans Work circulation around the decking etc. Various charts and tables are available which list the relative durability of wood , Spice Up Your Bedroom With Paint species based on their actual in service so can be used to provide a useful broad comparison between species. Note should also be taken of termite resistance if this is important in your region as this will vary greatly between species.

Colour of the wood
There is a huge color , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions variation within wood , How I Got A Robot To Vacuum The House species, from pale yellow, through brown's to reds and red orange, even purple. And some species may be very consistent in colour , What Lies Below whilst others can vary considerably from board to board or even along the length of a single board. Some species have flecks of a paler color , An New Innovative Tool for Hanging Drywall interspersed along the grain. However unless a strict maintenance regime involving regular oiling of the wood , Tips For Buying Kid or Baby Furniture decking is maintained, all wood , Building closet organizers species exposed to the sunlight will eventually fade over time to a soft silver grey- the speed at which this occurs will depending on the species, the prevailing weather , How I Got A Robot To Vacuum The House conditions, the degree of exposure of the deck , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions to the sun, , Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas the intensity of the sun , Controlling Dust Mites in Your Home and the frequency of application of the protective oil.

The destruction , Double Your Space With Closet Organizers of the great forests of the world, not only in the Amazon basis and South East Asia but also in major Western nations, should be a major concern to everyone. Several organizations, the best known of which is probably the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), have established standards and operating procedures which forestry owners must adhere to in order that their products , Hassle-Free Walk-In Showers may carry that organization's official certification. This provides some assurance that the wood , Building closet organizers and wood products , Beautiful And Functional Lighting have been harvested in accordance with sustainable forestry practises and sound forest management procedures and that any finished products , Hassle-Free Walk-In Showers have been manufactured and supplied under non exploitative labor , Things to Consider when Buying a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi Tub practices. Many governments have established their own standards outside , Controlling Dust Mites in Your Home of the FSC but consideration needs to be given whether such standards and operating procedures may in fact be catering to vested interests and that some reliable and certifiable mechanism actually exists to ensure procedures and practices are indeed followed as required.

In this rather subjective term, we are looking at what happens to the surface of the wood , Basement Dehumidifier Basics as it ages, how it weathers , Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners – Advanced Technological Cleaning Power! as the deck , Cattle Barn Blueprints - Information Always Available becomes older. Generally this is not such an important factor unless you like to walk on your decking with bare feet. With some species, the grain tends to lift as the wood , Siding for Homeowners ages, causing small splinters to appear. With other species however the surface can remain virtually smooth for years.

Ease of working with tools
Some hardwood species are exceptionally hard and thus require carbide tipped saws to speed construction. Also when nailing boards, some species can be nailed directly whilst other species will tend to split if not predrilled. Even with softwoods such as cypress, pre-drilling may be necessary.

In general, softwoods will be lower in cost than hardwoods, reflecting the shorter time to maturity of the trees, , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions extensive plantation grown forests with easy access for harvesting and lower processing costs. Some plantation grown hardwoods can approach the cost base of hardwoods but the lower recovery rate of most hardwoods still tends to keep the price above that of most softwoods.

The above presents just an overview of the main factors you should consider when choosing a lumber species for your deck. , Tips For Buying Kid or Baby Furniture Each of the above factors can be looked at in more detail but this should enable you to make a more considered decision on the type of lumber you would like to use for your particular decking project.
About the author: Malcolm Kay is the CEO of Intex Pacific Pty. Ltd. an international supplier of landscape , How To Care For Your Furniture materials including modular decking tiles. , Discount Hardwood Flooring – Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names For more information , How to Get the Most From Smaller Living Spaces see

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