How to Build a Simple Potting Bench


Article by: Michael McGroarty

The potting bench , Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover Buying Guide that you are about to read about is not fancy, but very functional. It is also very easy to build and use. Except it doesn't have any legs! Don't panic, having a legless potting bench , Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover Buying Guide is actually a benefit. I'll get to that a little later.

The potting bench , Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover Buying Guide described in this article is actually identical to the potting bench , Giving Your New Bathroom Your Finishing Touch that we have been using for years in our backyard , Home Improvement Loans nursery, and it has served us well, potting up tens of thousands of plants. , Leak Detection: The Difference In Quality Matters I like it because it is large enough to pot , Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home or Office up around ten small plants , Make Soundproofing A Part Of Today’s Home Improvement at a time, and it holds a significant amount of soil. , The Use of Glass in Architecture

However, since I originally wrote this article, I designed and built a potting bench , Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Safer for home , Tips For Buying Kid or Baby Furniture gardeners that you may like better. There are lots of photos and step by step plans , ning Your Replacement Windows Installation for building , Simple, Organizational Tips For Cleaning Your House it on this page:

On the above page you will also find a photo of one of my other potting bench designs, , Pool Supplies Should Also Contain Safety an outhouse with a flip out potting bench! , Overview Of Evaporative Air Coolers It's unique, that's for sure.

Okay., back to my legless potting bench. , Sleep Tight! Why Your Bedding Matters

Here's a short list of what you'll need to build Mike's rugged, but functional potting bench. , Purifiers Q&A: Water And Air Purifier And Filter Basics

Tools: A screwdriver, a small box wrench or crescent wrench, or if you have a 1/4" drive socket set that's even better. A tape measure, a small square, a drill, and a power , Werner Buying Tips For The D5920 Extension Ladder Revealed saw.

Materials: One full sheet (4' by 8') of 3/4" treated plywood. Make sure it is treated so it will last a long time. Untreated plywood does not hold up well at all outdoors. , Make Soundproofing A Part Of Today’s Home Improvement

15 dohickeys (you know, those little metal , Solve Your Problems With Wire Decking Safe And Easy To Use angle brackets, or corner brackets used to connect two boards together at a right angle.) These metal , Shopping For Carpet brackets are bent in a 90 degree angle and have two holes drilled in them.

30 bolts with nuts 1-¼" long, and the correct size to fit the angle brackets you buy.

60 flat , Don't Purchase A Fireplace Until You Read This washers that fit the bolts.

To see the potting bench , Tips For Buying Kid or Baby Furniture you are going to build, go to

"Mike's Legless Potting Bench" If you use this article you can use the photos that accompany the article, as long as you leave the reference to on the photos.

Notice in the above referenced photo that one end of the bench , Tips For Buying Kid or Baby Furniture is resting on the potting soil , Why Sealing and Painting Does Not Eliminate Odors pile, and the other on concrete , Proper Maintenance for Your Deck Will Keep the Love Strong blocks. Not having legs is really an advantage because you can get the potting bench , Why Is Your House Cold? much closer to your potting soil , Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home or Office pile.

Before you start, draw this out on paper so you know exactly what each piece of wood , Retractable Awnings Several Different Shade Positions is supposed to look like before make any cuts. This way you won't make a mistake that will ruin your piece of plywood.

Lay the plywood on a flat , So You've Put an Offer on a Home. What's Next? surface, like your garage floor. , Shopping For Carpet From one end measure in 16" and draw a line across the sheet of plywood. With your saw, cut along this line. The piece that you are cutting off is 16" by 48".

Now draw a diagonal line across the smaller piece of plywood. (The one you just removed from the sheet.) Cut along this line. You should now have two triangular pieces that measure 48" on one side and 16" on one side.

These pieces should be in the shape of a right triangle. Now you are going to remove a small piece from the pointed end of the triangular pieces. To do this, measure 24" from the right angle, along the 48" side and make a mark. Using a small square draw a line from this mark across the pointed end of the plywood. This line should be at a right angle to the 48" side of the board. This line should only be about 4" long. Cut along this line, removing the small piece from the pointed end. Discard the small piece you cut off. The piece you have left should be 16" on one end, 24" on one side, and about 4" where you made the cut to remove the pointed end.

The two smaller boards you have left should be identical. These are the sides for your potting bench. , Finding the Right Contractor

Now back to the larger piece of wood. , Why Is Your House Cold? This piece should now measure 80" by 48". From the long side measure over 16" and draw a line from one end to the other. Cut along this line. The piece you are removing should be 16" by 80", leaving a piece 32" by 80".

These two pieces will serve as the bottom and the back of your potting bench. , Deck Railings Take the back piece and stand it on edge, on top of the piece that will serve as the bottom of the bench , Purifiers Q&A: Water And Air Purifier And Filter Basics to get an idea of how your potting bench , Planning Your Replacement Windows Installation is going to fit together. Make five marks where you will mount the angle brackets that will hold these two pieces together. Just space the five brackets along the two boards, making sure not to put any too close to the end so they don't interfere when you install the two end pieces. Just keep the brackets about 1-½" from each end.

Note: Once you have the brackets installed and the bolts all tight you might want to cut off the ends of the bolts and file them smooth if they are sticking out so far as to be a hazard when you are handling the potting bench. , Finding the Right Contractor

Once you have all five brackets installed and the back of the potting bench , A Few Simple Facts About Gas And Electric Heating Systems mounted to the bottom, you can then install the two side pieces. With the two side pieces installed you are now the proud owner of a legless potting bench. , Building Material Choices for Environmentally Responsible & for Those Who Want to Save a Little You can install legs if you'd like to, but I like mine without legs because I can get it much closer to my pile of potting soil. , The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses

What I do is rest one end of the bench , Giving Your New Bathroom Your Finishing Touch right on the pile of potting soil, , Leak Detection: The Difference In Quality Matters and then support the other end with a saw horse, concrete , Decorate Your : Ideas fot the Do-it-Yourselfer blocks, or milk crates. By placing one end right on the soil , Is This Your Dream Home? pile, it is very easy to shovel the soil , Retractable Awnings Several Different Shade Positions onto the bench. , Selecting Your Carpet Not having legs also makes the bench , So You've Put an Offer on a Home. What's Next? easier to store and move around.

When I want to use it as a table for making cuttings, I just put a saw horse under each end.

There you have it. Mike's famous legless potting bench. , Selecting Your Carpet It ain't pretty, but it's very functional.
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