How About a Jungle Mural to Put Some Swing Into Your Child’s Room?


Article by: Michael Holland

If your child loves all different types of animals, a jungle mural is a great way to make their room , Going Down Under With Your House a fun and enjoyable place. , Geothermal Heat Pumps 101 You might be thinking how you will be able to achieve such a task, especially if you do not have artistic talents.

The truth is, however, that this type of mural is rather easy to construct as long as you have the tools , Foundation Leak Repair to do it.

The easiest way to create a jungle mural is to transfer a desired jungle scene, animal or image to transparency film, and then use an overhead projector to display the image on the wall, , Get Everything Done Quickly Using Your Basic Tools which you can then trace out and begin painting. , Custom Kitchen Cabinets: What you Need to Know

You will find that transparency film can be purchased from any store that sells computer accessories, , Home Improvements - Questions and Answers business or school items. As for the projector, you may be fortunate enough to be able to borrow one from your work place, , Carpet Cleaning Tips or your child's school.

If that is not an option, you can always rent one, or purchase one from a local , Wet Rooms - Great, But What Do They Really Mean? business store or online. , Traditional Futon Beds

The best place , Geothermal Heat Pumps 101 to look for images for your jungle mural is on the internet, , How Do Softeners Convert Hard Water to Soft? simply because your child will be given many more options to choose from, as well as the images can be easily printed off on the transparency film. When looking for images, a good rule of thumb, if you are artistically challenged, is to make sure that you don't select images with too much detail.

Try to select those that are two-dimensional. In addition to using transparencies, you can also use stencils for smaller animals such as for any birds , Using Mirrors To Open Up A Home that may be in the sky or sitting on trees. , Bathroom Kitchen Remodeling & Modular Home Construction-Florida Process Involved Stencils can be purchased in craft , Updated Bathrooms Pay When You Sell Your Home stores.

The best paints , Storage Shed Kits for you to purchase when constructing your jungle mural, are acrylic and artist paints, , Geothermal Heat Pumps 101 which you can get from craft , Wet Rooms - Great, But What Do They Really Mean? or art specialty stores, as well as online. , Safer Bathrooms For Your Children You will also need a variety of different sized brushes to go along with your paints. , How to achieve optimal sleep quality with a tempurpedic foam mattress

When constructing your jungle mural you should also keep in mind that your mural is not only limited to the walls, , All About Metal Ceiling Tile you can also paint , Storage Shed Kits on the ceiling. For instance, if you are painting , The Art of Ice Dam Removal a lot of trees , How to Buy a Refrigerator, and What to Look for in your child's jungle mural, extend the tress to make their leaves travel over the ceiling.

You may even consider coloring the center of the ceiling blue, , Changing Your Utilities' Suppliers to make it look as if the sky is peeking through a hole in the trees. , Bathroom Kitchen Remodeling & Modular Home Construction-Florida Process Involved

If you are not interested in adding a lot of trees, , Home Remodeling Tips you can always make your child's jungle mural more animal focused, by placing animals in different corners of his of her room. , Does Your House Need a New Roof? Consider This First Don't forget that you can use the shape of your child's room , Small Space Bath Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save to your advantage when creating a jungle mural.

If you choose to make a jungle mural in your child's room, , Doing Your Homework on the 20" LCD TV another nifty idea is to purchase for them a bunk bed , How to Select a Home Remodeling Contractor or a loft bed. , Kitchen Remodeling Checklist: Are Your Prepared? The reason is because these beds , Information About Toilet Bowl Mops And Toilet Bowl Brushes give a more tree , Bamboo Flooring: Is It The Right Choice? house effect, which would really encourage the imagination of your child, and will improve upon the whole authenticity of the room. , Home Improvements - Questions and Answers

You will discover that the more you brainstorm ideas with your child, the more creative you will be. Plus, not only will you discover that creating a jungle mural will be a lot of fun, but it is also a project that can bring together the whole family, making it a task that everyone can enjoy and take pride in.
Michael Holland is the creator of the Web , Home Improvements - Questions and Answers site His web , Using Mirrors To Open Up A Home site offers lots of FREE home , How to achieve optimal sleep quality with a tempurpedic foam mattress decorating tips , An Overview of Solar Cells Through The Years and ideas.

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