How A Filterless Air Purifier Works


Article by: Ken Morris

If you watch television late at night, you are probably familiar with a filterless air , How To Maintain A Mop Bucket purifier called the Ionic Breeze. These systems have benefits and drawbacks. Lately, there has been some controversy over their safety. , The Little Giant Ladder is the Best Some consider them to be unsafe, while others swear by the results.

How a Filterless Air , Solar Shingles Purifiers Work

A filterless purifier works by giving the incoming air , Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons – Contrast Before Comparison an electrostatic charge. This charge also charges particles in the air. , Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons – Contrast Before Comparison The air , Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill out is then moved past an oppositely charged collection grid. The impurities in the air , Homebuilding: Laying Tongue and Groove Plywood are attracted to the grid, like a magnet. The grid must be removed periodically and cleaned of the impurities. This is easily done with a damp cloth. Once the grid is completely dry, replace it and turn the machine back on. These systems can be installed on a forced air , Homebuilding: Laying Tongue and Groove Plywood heating system to treat the whole house, , Basics For Romantic Bedrooms or can be purchased in portable units.

This process creates ozone , Selecting The Best Home Air Purifier in the air. , 5 Places to Find Quality Framed Art Work Cheap If you have been outside , House Windows: The Big Energy Losers after a thunderstorm, you have smelled natural , How Old Should You Be Before You Buy A Loft Bed? ozone in the air. , Kitchen Sink Manufacturers: Where To Find The Very Best These systems clean the air , Vacuum Cleaner Belts – Essential Shopping the way nature , How To Select A Conference Room Chair cleans the outdoor air. , Great information on bed linens, linen fabric and table linens

However, some feel the ozone , Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Tips that is created can be a health hazard, particularly if it is highly concentrated. If you are using a portable air , Ceiling Fans Look Great and Save You Money cleaner, be sure it isn't too big for the room , Working With Building Inspectors in which it is being used. The square footage is listed on the box and in the owner's manual. Another option is to run it for a while and then turn it off before using the room. , 5 Places to Find Quality Framed Art Work Cheap

Benefits of a Filterless Air , Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring and Hardwood Floors Purifier

There are no filters to change , Building Saunas – 5 Tips On How To Build Your Own Sauna with this type of purification system. Replacement filters can be expensive and not having one saves , Vacuum Cleaner Belts – Essential Shopping money in the long run.

They use a collection grid to collect impurities, rather than a filter. The impurities stick to the grid and are wiped off with a damp cloth. Once the grid is clean and dry, place , Choosing the proper frame style when installing new windows it back in the machine and turn it on.

The filtration process leaves a fresh smsell in the air , Laminate Flooring - Everything You Need To Know. that many people find vitalizing. You won't need to use air , Bathroom remodeling ideas fresheners with these systems.

They are nearly silent when running. This is great for night time use. Some air , Hand Hooked Rugs purification systems can be very noisy and may need to be turned off at night.

Drawbacks of Filterless Air , Discount Home Appliances Purifiers

The safety , Basics For Romantic Bedrooms of these filtration systems was called into question a few years ago when Consumer Reports gave the Ionic Breeze a bad review and called it hazardous. The reason is the ozone , Consider Rubber Decking – The Possibilities Are Endless that is a by product , Sparkling, Clean Lighting Will Add The Perfect Touch To Your Home of the purification process. Ozone , Spa Covers: Why You Need One is a pollutant and can be irritating to people with asthma or other respiratory disorders. Sharper Image responded by adding a component called "Ozone Guard" which is said to convert most of the ozone , Homebuilding: Laying Tongue and Groove Plywood into oxygen. On a later review, Consumer Reports still gave the machine low marks, but said the ozone , Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill out output is now in acceptable levels.

These systems are more expensive than other air , Painting Kitchen Cabinets purifiers. However, when you add in the cost of replacement filters, this price difference diminishes over time.

The collection grid must be cleaned frequently. If it isn't clean, it won't work. The frequency depends on the number of impurities in the air. , Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill out Homes , Laminate Flooring - Everything You Need To Know. with pets, smokers, a lot of dust, etc, will need more frequent cleaning.

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