Home Renovations and Improvements: What Do You Really Want to Do?


Article by: Gil Strachan

PLANNING is the first step toward successful renovation. You're probably planning improvements , Enhance Your Lifestyle and Save Money - Exciting Home Automation Applications all the time, and just don't realize it. For example, if you feel you don't have enough kitchen , Vent-free Gas Heaters Pose Multiple Risks cabinets, or enough counter space, you've already started planning a kitchen , Guide To Water Leak Detection In Our Homes renovation.

IF YOU AREN'T HAPPY with the arrangement of a room, , Your Babysitter Must Have Been a Real Cockroach! or the number of rooms, , Asian décor trends you've begun a major improvement , How to Quickly and Easily Enhance a Drab Balcony plan. Once you start visualising things the way you'd really like them, you've started planning improvements. , When To Purchase Window Replacements

You've likely had some improvement , Basic Insulation Buying Tips projects in mind for a while - if only you knew how and where to start, and how much these ideas would cost. A good way to start is to inspect and evaluate the house , Vent-free Gas Heaters Pose Multiple Risks like you've probably never done before - go over the house , Living Air Purifiers – Cleaning Your Air? as if you were tomorrow's prospective buyer.

AWKWARD FLOOR PLAN? Does everyone trample the hall carpet , Asian décor trends on their way in and out of the house? Do you have to walk through the living room , Fun Lighting Projects get to the basement?

WASTED SPACE? Can you gain an extra room , How to Plan and Estimate Costs for a Bath Remodeling Project in the basement , Shower Door Styles or attic? Would the veranda look nicer closed in? Could you turn the garage , Septic Systems: The Inside Story into a play room , How to Quickly and Easily Enhance a Drab Balcony or a workshop?

MINOR ANNOYANCES? Do doors , Wood Floors - All About Wood Floors open the wrong way? Are you missing , Enhance Your Lifestyle and Save Money - Exciting Home Automation Applications plug-ins where you need them? Enough storage space? Having trouble heating some areas in cold , 10 Surefire Ways to Avoid Common DIY Home Improvement Mistakes weather?

YUCKY DECORATING? Does every room , Asian décor trends look as good as it could? Any rooms , Why Use the Hand Truck? need paint, , The Working Pantry: A Cure for Kitchen Clutter paper or a new floor , Giving Your New Bathroom Your Finishing Touch covering? More or less lighting?

REPAIRS NEEDED? Broken shingles, cracked mortar, leaky plumbing? Walls , Asian décor trends and ceilings cracked? Electrical wiring in good shape? Are you getting the best possible performance from your heating system?


By the time you finish your inspection, you will have an overall improvement , Vinyl Replacement Windows Add Value from Every Perspective to Your Home plan. It will probably be too extensive, and far too expensive to accomplish all at once. Decide what you expect the finished work to accomplish, and how you want it to look. Prioritise all your project ideas.

ARMED WITH THIS INFORMATION, you can intelligently approach a contractor , Do You Know How To Use Window Coverings? to discuss the project, or you can start planning to do all or some of the work yourself. , Fun Lighting Projects
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Gil Strachan is a professional home , Marble Tile inspector, representing Electrospec Home , Windows and Killer Utility Bills Inspection Services in east-central Ontario, Canada since 1994. Visit http://www.allaroundthehouse.com to learn more about home , Giving Your New Bathroom Your Finishing Touch inspections.

"The Home , Cutting Down Costs: Air Conditioners Reference Book"
You can probably find a home , Vinyl Replacement Windows Add Value from Every Perspective to Your inspection for a little less than what we ask, but you probably won't find the Home , Basic Insulation Buying Tips Reference Book. A $60 value, this solutions-oriented reference tool , Asian décor trends comes free with every inspection we perform.
It's the first tool , All Time Favorites - Iron Railings you should have around the house! , How to Quickly and Easily Enhance a Drab Balcony

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