Hand Stripping Furniture


Article by: Steve Hattrick

Directions for HAND Stripping.

  • Work with plenty of ventilation, safety , Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Safer goggles or glases, and skin protection. Stay out of the direct sun , Design With Solar Landscape Lighting and Lighting Fixtures in Mind and stay protected from wind or strong drafts if working outside. , Privacy Fences

  • Work in small areas starting at the top and working to the bottom of the piece. Apply a generous coat of gel remover. Brush on in one direction. Do not brush back and forth.

  • Use soft wood , Designing Great-looking Window Coverings on a Budget scrapers and/or Steel Wool to remove crinkled finish and spent stripper.Repeat the above process until all layers of old finish are gone. On fine work, when the piece has all the finish gone and looks ready to refinish, go over it again with one last coat of stripper carefully working from top to bottom and removing stripper with Liberon #00 steel wool to ensure all traces of finish are lifted from the pores of the wood. , Choosing The Right Garage Door Neutralize the wood , Installing Solar Panels on Your Home or Business surface by washing the piece down with Naphtha followed by Lacquer Thinner, if the piece is newer and in very good condition, a washdown with Lacquer Thinner may suffice.

  • Let the stripped piece dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours to 48 hours for softer woods , Methods of Porcelain and China Collectible Repair for Lladro and Hummel Figurines or pieces that required long soaking to clean off all the finish. Refinish promptly to seal and protect from humidity changes , In Praise of Satin -- Wordy Pleasures in Mind inDeed! - Sheets of fun or just Fun in sheets? and environmental , Polarized Sun Glasses - Good Looks and Excellent View contamination.


  • Test to see if a through cleaning with Liberon's Wood , Choosing A Mattress Cleaner & Wax remover might eliminate the need to totally strip and refinish the piece.

  • Use the right stripper for the finish being removed. (Determine finish type with solvents.)

  • Use solvent washable strippers or paint , How Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps Are Made removers.

  • Avoid water , Purification Units - Every Home Needs One washable removers to minimize grain raising, staining problems, and softening of glues or adhesives and the subsequent lifting of veneers and loosening of joinery.

  • Avoid Metal , Design With Solar Landscape Lighting and Lighting Fixtures in Mind Scrapers of any kind, wood , Do You Know What Is Living Under Your Mobile Home? fibers softened from the remover are easily compressed by hard metal , Choosing The Right Gas Water Heater edges. These sometimes apparently invisible `indents' can later show up after staining or even under clear coat finishes.

  • DO NOT Sand , Ceiling Fans - More Pleasant Days a stripped surface. Sanding removes oxidized fibres, the natural , Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Safer distressing wear and ageing collectors refer to as patina. Upon refinishing uneven and splotchy effects result from the `windows' sanded into the surface. Often sanded areas of stripped wood , Make Your Hard Floors Shine will not take stain or finish the same as the unsanded part of the same piece. Therefore, for instance, sanding of a table leaf usually means sanding the entire top and remaining leaves. The surface was carefully prepared for the previous finish. Successful refinishing will be much easier if we disturb the wood , Quilts to Last the very least possible, in the finish removal process. If an area is badly damaged as to require sanding; proceed with care and be aware of the increased finish work that can be created by sanding. Lightly raised grain can in some cases be stained, sealed with sanding sealer, and then sanded instead of sanding on the bare wood. , General Battery Safety Tips and Reference Guide

  • Partially strip (on Lacquers): On some pieces a top for instance might be all that really needs to be stripped and totally refinished. Proper cleaning and touch-up of dings, dents, and blemishes on sides or underpinnings with an overfinish of the existing finish might give a very professional result. In the right instance this can be a more profitable for the finisher and offer an affordable option for the customer.

  • Use wax paper laid over the remover to slow evaporation and prolong working time. On difficult finishes and in drafty work areas each application of remover can then do more work.

  • To lift paint , Polarized Sun Glasses - Good Looks and Excellent View or finish retained in the grain of open pored timber, , MEASURING FOR YOUR VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS despite repeated applications of remover, try the following. Let the surface dry for a day, apply a liberal coat of 1 pound cut shellac & and allow to dry throughly then try a coat of remover to lift the shellac and the adhered finish out of the pores. The wax paper trick above helps here also. On hard cases repeat the shellac and remover steps above if positive results come from the first application.


Stripped surfaces are always a little more problematic than finishing on new wood. , Homeowners – Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor Generally Pigment Wiping Stains are the best choice for coloring on the stripped surface. Lacquer shading stains and lacquer colorants blended into sanding sealer and build coats are a good bet for color , Countertop Materials: Comparing Kitchen Countertop Materials correcting. Use amber lacquer on medium to darker woods , The Science of Architecture or stains to give a richer and homogeneous continuity to the piece. On very light , Radiant heating system: A Comprehensive Overview timber and on light , Professional Home Inspector: More Notes On Becoming A Professional Home Inspector colors use water , Choosing The Right Gas Heater -white lacquer or for the very clearest non-yellowing finish use CAB-Acrylic lacquer.



Always test products , Home Sauna Advantages in an inconspicuous place , Quilts to Last to check compatibility and end results.

Companion Materials & Supplies:

  • Safety Glasses , Quality Online Roofing Resources or face shield for eye protection.

  • Heavy duty rubber stripping gloves.

  • Apron; preferably rubber or rubber coated.

  • WOODEN scrapers (NOT putty knives or metal , Radiant heating system: A Comprehensive Overview scrapers)

  • Stripping BRUSH: stripper resistant plastic , Lower Your Heating And Cooling Bills With Vinyl Replacement Windows for getting into carvings and mouldig.


    • #0 or #1 for light , Methods of Porcelain and China Collectible Repair for Lladro and Hummel Figurines clear finishes, #1 or #2 for paints, , Choosing The Right Gas Water Heater &

    • #3 or #4 for very heavy built up layers of finish.

  • Rags.


Do not leave impregnated rags wadded or stacked in bundles as these can burst into spontaneous fire. , Patio Heaters

Dispose of rags and waste in accordance with local , How to Get the Best Basement Finishing regulations; or lay rags out flat , MEASURING FOR YOUR VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS preferably outside, , Basic Pool Maintenance Tips to dry so as to avoid any fire , Home Security: Choosing a Security Alarm System hazard.
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