Grocery Coupons And Food Secrets


Article by: Steve Gillman

How can grocery coupon cost you more than they save? When is whole wheat not really whole wheat? Why are some frozen foods , French Doors vs. Lanai Doors – What Fits Your Home Best better for you than fresh foods? Should you buy the small or large bananas? Read on for the answers.

Grocery Coupons

Coupons are designed to get you to buy something you weren't planning to buy. If the things you buy with them don't replace more expensive options, you spend even more instead of saving money. To save , Tankless Water Heaters You the Big Bucks money with them, then, you should use them for products , Beautifying Your Home you regularly buy, or to try new brands that are similar in price to what you already use.

Some stores still offer to double the value of your coupons on given days or for temporary promotions. The key to saving money in these cases is to use as many coupons as you can, and buy the smallest sizes of the product , Choosing floor and wall covering fabrics for all your decorating needs that the coupons allow. This will almost always get you the lowest unit-cost.

For example, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off on dish detergent, and the store is doubling your coupons, you'll get 1 dollar off. If you buy the 38-ounce size, priced at $2.19, it will cost you $1.19, or 3.1 cents per ounce. However, if you buy the 18-ounce size, priced at $1.19, it will cost you only 19 cents! That's just a bit over a penny per ounce, or one third the cost. Sometimes you can even get a 99-cent item for free with a doubled 50 cent coupon.

Other Grocery Store Secrets

Read the labels and you'll see that sugar is showing up in almost everything. Most recently, it has been added to most brands of kidney beans, which used to be packed in just water , Decorative And Faux Painting Is Fun But DonÂ’t Start Until You Read This and salt. Why? For the same reason it is added to peanut butter and many other products , TV Lamps - A Brief History that don't need it for taste - it is cheap. Cheaper than the other ingredients, in fact. Due to government subsidies, there is so much cheap sugar that growers need to dump it into as many products , Tankless Water Heaters Save You the Big Bucks as they can.

You will also notice that almost all packaged products , TV Lamps - A Brief History have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil in them. This is the stuff that is used to give mice heart disease , Home Improvements - The Fun Stuff when scientists want to study that disease! , Buying Fireplaces Online Fortunately, due to consumer demand, some brands, like Doritos, have stopped using it in some of their products. , Log Home Automation? Excuse Me? It is still in well over half of all packaged products, , Chiminea - Buy It for the Versatility of Enjoying Both Fireplace and Grill! though.

Whole wheat is only whole wheat if it says exactly that. "Wheat flour," "unbleached wheat flour," and "wheat," all just mean some variety of processed white , Great Information on Floor Mats, Entrance Mats and Custom Floor Mats flour. "Wheat" bread is nothing more than white , World's Biggest Decorating Mistake! bread with enough whole grain thrown in to color , Buyers Guide To Heavy-Built Mailboxes it. "Wheat blend" pasta is yet another trick to make you think you're buying whole wheat.

Frozen fruits , Home Inspection Basics and vegetables, , Compact Dishwashers are Perfect for Small Kitchen Spaces! when tested against "fresh" fruits , Compact Dishwashers are Perfect for Small Kitchen Spaces! and vegetables, , Wholesale Hardwood Flooring – Isn't That Just For Retailers? usually have more vitamin content. It makes sense. They are flash-frozen shortly after being picked, while the "fresh" foods , Decorating with antique maps are in trucks for days, exposed to heat , Home Building Costs and air. , Floor Plans Then they sit at the grocery store for days, then in your refrigerator for days. Buying frozen fruits , Commercial Juicer - Capture New Customers The Countertop Way and veggies, then, can be healthier, and they are even cheaper at times, like when the particular fruit , Buyers Guide To Heavy-Built Mailboxes or vegetable , Marble Floors isn't in season. , Chiminea - Buy It for the Versatility of Enjoying Both Fireplace and Grill!

Grocery coupons aren't the only way to save , Decorating with antique maps money buying food. , Water Treatment Plants Store brands are often substantially cheaper, and guess what? Often they are really the name brands in disguise. Read the label and you may see something like, "Packed for ABC Grocery Stores by Kraft Foods, , Fire Hazard Alert – is Your Dryer Ready to Ignite Inc." In any case, you can try the store brands, and if you can't tell the difference, why pay more?

Finally, what size bananas, eggplant and other fruits , Home Improvements - The Fun Stuff or vegetables , Is Your Home Under Attack By A Silent Invader should you buy? If they are sold by the piece, buy the biggest, to get the most for your money. If they are sold by the pound, buy the smallest. You'll still eat one banana at a time for a snack, right? The small ones might be half the price of the large, saving you money with every snack. When it comes to saving money shopping, there is more to it than grocery coupons.

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