Green Building: The Time is Now!


Article by: Mark Fagiano

In 1860, Auguste Mouchout, concerned about the uses and limitations of coal, endeavored to create a device that used the energy , Cleaning A Child's Bedroom - 15 Minutes A Day of the sun , How To Choose The Best Knife Set for the energy , ALL ABOUT COLOR: BED AND BATH TRENDS TODAY needs of humankind. But it wasn't until the 1980's that solar power , Best Placement for Window Air Conditioners became a serious contender as an alternative to traditional energy , Spring Deck Prep Tips sources. At the same time in the 1860's, Etienne Lenoir invented the first successful internal combustion engine. Interestingly, the engine was not powered by gasoline but by the less toxic illumination gas , Grocery Coupons And Food Secrets (hydrogen, methane and ethylene). About a decade later, gasoline was used to fuel the I.C.E. Now over a century later, most prominently in the 1990's, environmentally , Flooring: Installing Ceramic Tile conscious inventors have made the effort to develop effective, alternatively fueled automobiles. As we begin the 21st century, alternative "green"Âť building , How To Choose The Best Knife Set is becoming the topic of discussion for consumers, inventors, and builders who, conscious of our responsibility to future generations, venture to use our resources responsibly.

Green Building , Copper Sinks Defined

Green building , 10 Things You Must Know When or Renovating is an alternative approach to building , Dining Rooms: Designing for Your Emotional Well-Being construction and remodeling by using fewer raw materials and reducing unnecessary waste while, at the same time, managing to construct energy , Natural Stone Tiles – The Confusion Surrounding Sealing efficient and durable buildings. , Choosing A Fireplace The term green , Pressure Washer Parts is used so often that it is difficult to determine what may be considered "green." The criterion that follows will attempt to clarify this ambiguous term.

# 1 Considering the material

The most pressing questions when one determines whether a construction is green , Paint Thickness Measurement or not: Can the material be recycled? Can it be reused? Is the material biodegradable?

--Recycled materials are materials that are collected and reused in a different form. (e.g., a coke can into another manufactured product --A material is considered reusable when it is salvaged and reused in its original form. Reusable materials cut costs and reduce unnecessary use of other materials. --A biodegradable material is a material that can break down organically back into the earth , Choosing the Right House Plan without any toxins and/or waste materials.

#2 Is it environmentally , Spring Deck Prep Tips friendly?

Simply stated, a dwelling is environmentally , Flooring: Installing Ceramic Tile friendly if it is constructed and maintained in such a way that it does not harm the essential stabilization of life upon the earth. , Choose Your New Kitchen Countertop Wisely Or Be Very Sorry Later Quite often, an environmentally , How to get a Quotation of Estimation From a Contractor or Supplier for Home Decorating friendly dwelling replaces traditional approaches to construction that cause harm to the environment. , Choose Your New Kitchen Countertop Wisely Or Be Very Sorry Later A few questions one can ask to determine how green , Simple and easy ways to decorate your bathroom a building , Simplifying Stair Rise and Run is are: Which and how much raw materials are used? What sorts of toxins or pollutions , Home Improvement Projects are eliminated by choosing this green , Pressure Washer Parts material? Is the construction process detrimental to the health of the builders and/or the future occupants?

#3 What types of material have a direct negative effect on the environment?

If one decides to build green, , Best Placement for Window Air Conditioners one must eliminate destructive materials used during or left after the construction of the dwelling. Here are a few questions one must consider:

--. What is the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of the building , Choosing the Right House Plan material? To determine the LCA of a dwelling one can use this "Building for Environmental , Adding Stairs Into Deck Railing Plans and Economic Sustainability"Âť software
-- Which materials damage the environment , Spring Deck Prep Tips and in what way are such materials detrimental? Materials to be avoided include, but are not limited to: persistent organic , Home Improvement Projects pollutants (POPs), persistent bioaccumulative toxics (PBTs), volatile organic , Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill out compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile organic , Simplifying Stair Rise and Run compounds (SVOCs)

The ramifications of irresponsible use of our natural , How to get a Quotation of Estimation From a Contractor or Supplier for Home Decorating resources may be incalculably disadvantageous to the future of life upon this planet. , Sealing a Deck Instead of knowledge and technology, convenience and simplicity may be our greatest enemy. Moreover, in a world where the use of resources create political instability, it is an understanding of our weaknesses rather then the application of our strengths that may prove beneficial.
Mark Fagiano is the president of Arete Apprenticeship. His latest project is the creation of an information , Choose Your New Kitchen Countertop Wisely Or Be Very Sorry Later based real estate website. If you wish to write an article demonstrating your real estate expertise in exchange for free advertisement for your business you can contact him at

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