Get a Tax Credit for Using Renewable Energy in Oregon


Article by: Richard Chapo

Oregon has always been known as an environmentally , Do-It-Yourself Basement Waterproofing conscious state. To this end, you can even get a tax credit for using renewable energy. , Stainless Steel Gas Grill Reviews

Get a Tax Credit for Using Renewable Energy , Laminate Flooring - An Easy Guide on How to Measure your Room in Oregon

Residents in Oregon can claim a Residential Energy , Memory Foam Mattresses Under Oath...The Truth and Nothing But The Truth Tax Credit if they use renewable energy , Install Wood Flooring systems. The tax credit can be claimed by both homeowners and renters, a scope not found in most states.

To qualify for the Residential Energy , Preventing Water Damage in the Kitchen Tax Credit, a homeowner or renter must convert to a clean energy , Seal Your Home to Keep Heat In system in one of the following areas:

1. Appliances,

2. Heating systems,

3. Cooling systems,

4. Ventilation or Duct Stems,

5. Closed-loop geothermal system for space heating or water , Laminate Flooring - An Easy Guide on How to Measure your Room heating,

6. Solar , Granite counter tops Part.I thermal heating,

7. Solar , Stainless Steel Gas Grill Reviews electrical generation through solar , Fixing Old Wooden Chairs panels,

8. Wind power , What To Look For In Persian Rugs production,

9. Use of fuel cells, and

10. Hybrid fuel vehicles.

The amount of the Renewable Energy , What To Look For In Persian Rugs Tax Credit depends on the particular area in which you pursue clean energy , A Leap In To The Unknown? platforms. Highlighted amounts are:

1. Solar , Updating Bathroom Furniture Systems - Nope, not the planetary system. Instead, you can claim up to $3 per peak watt for your system with a cap of $6,000. Please note, however, that you can only claim up to $1,500 a year, but can carry the credit forward to following years. For solar , Solve Small-Space Kitchen Problems with S-O-S Design-Function Techniques platforms used to heat , Install Wood Flooring structures and water, , What Should I Ask Before Deciding On A Home Plan? the tax credit is 60 cents per kilo-watt hour with a cap of $1,500. The same applies to wind systems, fuel cell platforms.

Unlike other states, Oregon will give you a tax break for heating your pool. Clean energy , How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter pool heating systems such as solar , Planning Permission Tips UK: The Value of Design Statements When Submitting a Planning Application are eligible for a tax credit equal to 15 cents per kilo-watt hour of saved energy , Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets compared to a traditional heating system. There is a cap on the system, which is 50 percent of the total cost or $1,500. Still, this represents a major savings over programs offered in other states.

2. A closed loop geothermal system is one in which circulating fluid remains in the piping without exception. They are typically used to cool and heat homes. , Stainless Steel Gas Grill Reviews If you convert to such a system, you can claim a tax credit of $300 to $900 depending on the type of system.

3. Appliances are often the biggest energy , Different Shapes and Sizes of Clocks wasters. If you purchase an appliance approved by the Oregon Department of Energy , Do-It-Yourself Basement Waterproofing you can claim a tax credit equal to the amount indicated by the department or 25 percent of the net cost of it. Sorry, but you have to take the lesser amount.

4. Clean energy heat , A Leap In To The Unknown? pump systems can garner you a tax credit of $300 to $500. Note, however, that you must have it installed by a licensed , Do-It-Yourself Basement Waterproofing contractor.

5. Hybrid vehicles are all the rage these days. If you have one in Oregon, you can claim a tax credit of $750. This is on top of the tax credit you get from the federal government as of January 1, 2006.

Oregon has always been known as a green , Refrigerator Odours - Why, What, How? state. Financial incentives in the form of tax credits bear this out.
Rick Chapo is with, a directory of solar energy , WholeHouse Water Filters companies. Visit us to read more articles on solar power , Laminate Flooring - An Easy Guide on How to Measure your Room and renewable energy. , Deep Fryer - Pieces of Wisdom

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