Geothermal Heat Pumps 101


Article by: Phillip Rye

It seems like about three million of you have asked me to explain how a geothermal system works. Well, maybe not three million, but it's a bunch of you and I'm honored that I have the opportunity to do it. Now you've probably already figured out that I'm not smart enough to be real technical, but I do have some common sense. So I will use a common-sense approach to explain how the most efficient heating and cooling system available today can help you.

Actually you could get the Oct. 25, 1948, issue of Life magazine and get a great explanation. That's correct, 1948. Geothermal units are not new, but it has only been in recent years that they've gained in popularity. It just takes awhile for adults to embrace new ideas, especially if they cost more money. Notice that I said adults. When I show high school students how you can spend $50 more per month on installing a geothermal unit and save , 4 Tips for Fireplace Efficiency $75 per month on your utility bill, they simply say "cool." No discussion or argument. They would take it in a minute.

OK, OK - here's how it works. All energy , The Cubicle: Your Home Away From Home? comes from the sun. , Dried Flower Wreaths Keep Nature's Beauty Alive Mr. Sunshine has provided a lot of BTUs for a lot of years and Mother Earth , How to Find the Best Water Purifier for Your Home has absorbed and stored that energy. , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove A closed-loop geothermal system simply removes those BTUs from Mother Earth , Home Building Plans in the winter , Installation Options for a Coal and Wood Burning Furnace and gives them back in the summer. , Dried Flower Wreaths Keep Nature's Beauty Alive

At depths of five feet or more, the earth , What is the best mattress on the market? Tips while buying a mattress. temperature remains close to 57 degrees, as evidenced by a cave's temperature. , The Window Salesman This temperature , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove varies only slightly across the United States.

There are two basic ways to install a geothermal unit. If digging a trench is difficult or if space is limited, geothermal contractors , Spice Up Your Bedroom With Paint drill holes into the ground vertically to install small-diameter polyethylene pipe. If digging a horizontal trench is feasible, the pipe is installed in a horizontal trench.

A very small pump , Shower Filters Reducing Risks then circulates water , Installation Options for a Coal and Wood Burning Furnace from the earth , How to Makeover and Enhance a Rooftop Deck to the geothermal unit and back to the ground in the closed-loop pipe. Actually, geothermal is not the best name for this unit. A better name is ground-coupled heat , How to Makeover and Enhance a Rooftop Deck pump or water-to-air heat , Leak Detection: The Difference In Quality Matters pump. As you learned in my last newsletter, a heat , 4 Tips for Fireplace Efficiency pump doesn't create heat, , The Window Salesman it just moves heat , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove from one location , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment to another using a compressor. Example: A window air , How To Install Laminate Flooring The Directions Are On The Package conditioner blows cool air , Color Help: Color Imagery for Happy Homes inside and hot air , Tankless Water Heaters outside. If you turn the air , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove conditioner around, it will blow hot air , Tankless Water Heaters inside and cool air , Kitchen Remodelling: Seven Tips for DIY Kitchen Makeovers outside.

As it circulates 57-degree water , Bring Summer Into Your Bedroom in the winter, , Kitchen Remodelling: Seven Tips for DIY Kitchen Makeovers the geothermal unit, using the compressor to remove heat , ICE DAMS: What To Do? from the water, , Information about latex gloves and latex allergies provides 105-degree air , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove into the house. , Home Building Plans As the water , Shower Filters Reducing Risks goes back to the ground loop, it immediately starts absorbing BTUs from the earth. , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition

In the summer, , Information about latex gloves and latex allergies a reversing valve simply reverses the process and the compressor pumps , Leak Detection: The Difference In Quality Matters BTUs into the ground loop.

The water , Information About Urinal Screens returns to the earth , The Cubicle: Your Home Away From Home? and immediately starts cooling off again. It's all about heat , Installation Options for a Coal and Wood Burning Furnace transfer. Here's another example -- a blacksmith heats , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition a horseshoe to red hot. , How To Get A Rebate for Using Alternative Energy in Illinois To cool it, he doesn't wave the horseshoe into the air. , Toilet Bowl Mop And Toilet Bowl Brush Information. Instead, he simply dips it in water. , The Window Salesman It cools off a lot faster and takes a lot less energy. , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove

I have been responsible for the installation of thousands of geothermal units and I have had no disappointed customers. My wife and I have had geothermal heating and cooling for 18 years and we simply would not have any other system.

Geothermal gives good hot air , Making The Best Area Rug Choice in the winter , How To Choose The Right Home Theater Seating and really cold air , 4 Tips for Fireplace Efficiency in the summer , Cordless Impact Wrench - Not the Same Tool as Your Cordless Drill and uses less energy , How To Buy A Persian Rug than any other central heating and cooling system. So don't be a tightwad. Buy the best there is - you, your family, and your house , Do It Yourself Concrete Staining: Things to Know Before You Begin deserve it.
Doug Rye is a nationally recognized energy , Bring Summer Into Your Bedroom consultant and licensed , Home Building Plans architect. Doug also host the "Home Remedies" radio talk show that is broadcast in 15 states.

Phillip Rye is a licensed , 10 Ways To Cut Your Electric Bill engineer and has spent the past 15 years studying energy , Five Flooring Design Tips efficiency and energy , Color Help: Color Imagery for Happy Homes conservation.

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