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Lifting and peeling paint , Do I Really Need a Contractor? from epoxy coverings, coatings and seals are too often the end product , Bathroom Mirrors; The Perfect Ensemble of efforts to dress up a garage, , Air Purifiers: Worth The Cost Or Not? shop or basement. , Propane Refrigerators Are a Hot Idea A lifting and peeling problem is worse than having no finish at all. The eyesore of blisters, peeling, and chipping of a floor , Dishwasher Detergent Cup A Sticky Situation gone wrong is testimonial to a failure in preparation. Fortunately, after 40 years of development technology in flooring, , Tax Credit for Going Solar one should no longer rely on raw materials like muriatic acid (Hydrochloric) to clean and prep your floor. , Unfinished Furniture - Finish It Yourself! Applicators now realize that an "acid etch" using a simple raw muriatic acid is no cure all. Integrated systems for preparing concrete , Keep intruders out of your home with Home burglar alarm systems properly can now avoid disasters , Spring Cleaning in the States vs End of Year Cleaning in Japan that leave garages , Air Purifiers: Putting A Stop To Airborne Allergies looking worse than before they were coated.

Preparation is everything when applying finishes. You can only expect a surface to stay in place , Discover the perfect home interior gift at Wall Art Concepts if its substrate is permanent. Obviously, if the substrate crumbles or moves, your surface will move with it. Today, after 40 years of application experience, flooring , Static Control experts have developed application preparation procedures that help minimize the risk of substrates moving. New floors , Static Shock are especially vulnerable and require extensive preparation. New concrete , Desk Clocks For Your Home Or Office is dusty for the first few years while the latents of concrete , Basic Guidelines To Owner Home Building on the surface are kicked, walked, or driven off. Those latents must be removed before quality epoxy topcoats are applied or the topcoats will move with the latents as they break free from the substrate.

Blasting away part of your floor , How To Cut And Polish Granite? often leaves corn , Air Purifiers: Worth The Cost Or Not? rows cut into the floor , Protect your Family: Home Fire Safety Tips due to over lap, and will need to be filed. Blasting often just brings you down to a new level of contamination. It is often better to clean 100% of the surface using chemicals that are designed to work together in an integrated system to assure a clean, solid surface. When you wash your clothing your detergent uses a change , Discover the perfect home interior gift at Wall Art Concepts in pH to help release soils. , Leather Home Furnishings - How to Clean and Care for Them Water , Taking The Mystery Out Of Nails softeners and rinse agents are blended into laundry , Unfinished Furniture - Finish It Yourself! detergents, dish shops and even shampoos to assist the pH change , Tax Credit for Going Solar in releasing soils , Color Help: Many Factors Affect Color Preference and contaminants.

Cleaning first with a high pH or alkaline degreaser attacks oil and grease contaminants while moving the floor , Swamp Coolers A Different Way to Cool Your Home pH higher. Next slamming your dirty surface with a low pH acidic cleaner attacks minerals, rust and other particles, makes your pH jump 10 points or better to shock contaminants loose from substrates. The acidic cleaner should have detergents, rinse agents and water , Operation Closet softeners blended into it so you know that it is formulated to do the best job possible. It is vitally important to bring your pH back to normal 6.5 or 7 pH after cleaning, with a scrub rinse. Have you ever run your finger across your car after pressure washing only to find it still has a thin layer of road film on it? Surface tension holds even high pressure from penetrating many films. You need to break the surface tension with contact during all three steps of cleaning. The more aggressive the contact the better for removing concrete , Tax Credit for Going Solar latents, small particles of concrete , Suck it Up, the Dust and the Savings! that are ready to break of to become that endless dust coming off unquoted concrete floors. , Protect your Family: Home Fire Safety Tips

Rotary scrubbers, similar to what a school custodian utilizes, can be fitted with stiff bristle brushes using carbide chips imbedded in flexible nylon bristles to scrub your floor. , Marble Fireplaces The bristles dive into mall pours, cracks, and holes to help strip away fragile cement particles that are softer than the exposed carbide chips. These scrubbers should be used for your alkaline cleaning, your acidic cleaning, and for your final rinse cleaning. Scrub rinsing stops the chemical action of your cleaners and provides a liquid medium to bring your floor , Who Invented Wall Fountains? pH back to neutral and flush contaminants and residual detergents away. Once dry (1 to 4 hours) you are ready for your coating, paint, , Taking The Mystery Out Of Nails epoxy or seal.

Epoxy flooring , Desk Clocks For Your Home Or Office is weather-resistant, and unharmed by rain, snow, , Wool Carpeting For Your Home oil, and flooding. This resistance is due to the fact that epoxy coatings, unlike paints, , Laminate Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages come in two parts. When mixed, a catalyzing process changes , Building Material Choices for Environmentally Responsible & for Those Who Want to Save a Little these two parts from a liquid to a permanent solid. In contrast, paints , Bathroom Mirrors; The Perfect Ensemble are carried in water , Propane Refrigerators Are a Hot Idea or solvent bases that evaporate to leave the finish. If you reintroduce one of those carriers to the surface, the paint , Desk Clocks For Your Home Or Office often is able to re-dissolve back into a liquid state.

Even though painted garage , Unfinished Furniture - Finish It Yourself! finishes are formulated to resist dissolving into their carriers, under stress they can be susceptible to blistering, peeling, and chipping. But water , The Need for National Regulations and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry and most solvents have no effect on sealed epoxy surfaces. Epoxy flooring , Solar Home Improvements and Tax Deductions goes on at the job site and requires no seams, creating a continuous membrane that seals what is above from what is below. These epoxy surfaces have been used in food , Strongly Scented Candles: Use your mouth, nose and eyes to tell processing plants , Keep intruders out of your home with Home burglar alarm systems for over 50 years now. Mold, mildew and other contaminants cannot penetrate the epoxy membrane, and wash off easily.

One should not rely on retail store clerks to help with a floor , Choosing a Home Builder that will be used for 10 to 20 years. Factory-direct kits of materials including step-by-step instructions and a 24/7 help line are now available online. , How to Layout Recessed Lighting With these resources, anyone can put a quality floor , Who Invented Wall Fountains? down in their garage , Unfinished Furniture - Finish It Yourself! that will last for decades. Like a car finish, you may get some scratches and marks, but also like a car finish, a little touching up can keep those finishes looking great for decades.

Durall Industrial Flooring , Shower Door Styles offers no-cost, no-obligation quotes for its fully customized kits of materials, including all preparation materials and procedures, for installing industrial quality epoxy or urethane coatings at These beautifully sealed and easy-to-maintain floors , Laminate ing Advantages and Disadvantages come in over 20 colors. , Desk Clocks For Your Home Or Office The floor , How To Buy A Loft Bed (Bunk Bed) finish can be gloss, flat, , Unfinished Furniture - Finish It Yourself! or satin and may be easily accented with decorative chips. Additionally, the floors , Keep intruders out of your home with Home burglar alarm systems may be skid-resistant like emery paper, yet still be easy to sweep or squeegee.

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Durall Manufacturing, Bloomington, MN, is the only industrial flooring manufacturer , Air Conditioning Repairs that also makes over 500 specialty cleaners. Durall's 40 years of flooring , Bathroom Mirrors; The Perfect Ensemble chemical manufacturing experience has produced a special preparation of cleaners and an application system assuring optimum flooring , Propane Refrigerators Are a Hot Idea adhesion and wear results. Durall provides factory-direct support for these new products. , Static Control Kits of materials are customized to owner specification and delivered directly to the job site. Kits include full directions and 24/7 help lines staffed by seasoned flooring , Taking The Mystery Out Of Nails experts, so professionals and amateurs alike can successfully install a quality floor. , Tax Credit for Going Solar Visitors can obtain free, job-specific quotes on materials or nationwide turnkey installations by completing a simple questionnaire at This full-service concept allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of industrial strength floors , Swamp Coolers A Different Way to Cool Your Home successfully.

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