Gain Space With Clever Designed Kitchen Islands


Article by: Guy Morris

Kitchen islands are among the most popular items in kitchen , Swamp Coolers – A Different Way to Cool Your Home remodelling projects. They offer versatility in style and function. People often add them as part of an overall refacing project. You can choose to blend the island with your countertops and cabinetry or choose a granite island with wood , Home Interior Decorating Ideas for Bargain Hunters or laminate , Single Pane Glass Repair in an Aluminum Frame, Part 2 surfaces.

Kitchen , Furniture styles for your home decorating ideas islands are available in a variety of colors, , Tips on bathroom remodeling sizes and materials to suit any home , Hassle-Free Walk-In Showers decor. Choose contemporary, country homestyle or summer , Planning Permission Tips UK - Loft Conversions in UK Properties - Do They Add Value? kitchen styles. Look through catalogs and home , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! decorating magazines to see the options and unique designs , Tips on bathroom remodeling available. Make notes of what you like and features , Gain Space with Bay Windows you need in your island.

Adding Kitchen , Swamp Coolers – A Different Way to Cool Your Home Islands

You can add an island easily, if you have enough room. , Decorating Kid's s On A Small Budget Look at several islands and get the exact dimensions of the ones you like best. Measure your kitchen; you will need to leave between forty two and forty eight inches of space around the entire island. You want to make sure you can open your refrigerator, oven and dishwasher easily.

To get the feel for how much space an island will take up, try a little experiment. Find a piece of furniture , How to Find Quality Kitchen Cabinets in your home , Art and Design that is about the size and dimensions of your island. Move this furniture , Adding Sofa Slipcovers Is A Quick And Easy Way To Give Your Home A Makeover into the kitchen , Choosing A Linoleum Floor For Your Home and place , Luxurious Whirlpool Baths Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous it where want the island to be located. Keep it there for about a week or so to help you decide if you can live with it. If it's too large, look for a model with smaller dimensions. Experiment with a few different sizes to find the one that feels right.

There are no rules governing the height. It's a matter of preference and function. You need to decide what the area will be used for to determine how high to make the counter. If you will be cooking, preparing food , Types of Staple-Up Radiant Heating Systems or using a built in sink, make the height even with your other kitchen , All Time Favorites - Iron Railings cabinets. Choose a lower height for seating with tables, or a higher counter for stool type seating.

Utilizing kitchen , Who Invented Wall Fountains? islands the clever way

Consider how you will use the island. Do you need more storage space? Think about your lifestyle and what you will You have several choices for cooking, preparing food, , Adding Sofa Slipcovers Is A Quick And Easy Way To Give Your Home A Makeover clean up and storage.

+ For storage space, islands can be made to match existing kitchen , Single Pane Glass Repair in an Aluminum Frame, Part 2 cabinets and counter tops. Cabinets, drawers or a combination of both can be used to maximize storage space.

+ Adding bookshelves to the end creates a great place , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! to display your cookbook collection. Add a few collectibles to the shelves for a more personalized look.

+ Wine lovers sometimes choose to add a wine rack in place , Clutter Busters: Simple Strategies For Cleaning Up Your Act of shelves.

+ Cooking space can be built into the top of an island, saving space above the oven. This is a great option for kitchens , Gain Space with Bay Windows with a double oven.

+ Consider how you will use the top when choosing counters. A built in butcher block or cutting surface is great if you spend a lot of time preparing food. , Digital satellite TV systems create a whole new entertainment world This helps you avoid cuts and nicks on the surface of your counter.

+ If you like to bake, consider marble. You can prepare and roll out your dough right on the surface without sticking.

+ An island can be used for seating area. Adjust the height lower for table type seating or raise it higher for barstools. Allow about two feet of space per person for comfort.

+ Sinks and appliances, such as dishwashers and trash compactors can be added to an island in place , Making The Most Of The Front Of Your Home Using Wind Chimes of cabinets.

+ Have an electrical outlet added to one side. This is great for cooking with small appliances like electric , Choosing the Right Gas Fireplace for Your Home mixers or blenders.

Portable Islands

A portable island gives you additional countertop area when you need it. These are a great alternative for smaller kitchens. , Tips on bathroom remodeling You can purchase one unassembled and put it together yourself , Furniture styles for your home decorating ideas easily. Portables usually are on wheels, allowing you to move it out of the way when you need extra space.

You can purchase a moving island with a cabinet for storage space, or get one that looks like a taller table. A built in cutting board surface gives you additional space for cutting vegetables , Gain Space with Bay Windows and preparing food. , Furniture styles for your home decorating ideas The most common materials used for the top are steel, tile , Introduction on How to Lay Floor s With an Epoxy Adhesive and wood. , Home Interior Decorating Ideas for Bargain Hunters

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Guy Morris is author and designer , Fixer-Uppers: What To Fix of the internetsite. Guy is helping people finding the best solutions on kitchen , Adding Sofa Slipcovers Is A Quick And Easy Way To Give Your Home A Makeover islands ( ) and designs. , Memory Foam History...Astronauts, Racehorses and Bed Sores

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