Flooring Shopping Traps


Article by: Sammer Hakim

The mark-up the non-flooring stores put on their products , Air Mattress Beds Provide Comfort And Versatility is quite high compared to flooring , Custom Build Log Homes - 3 Options When Building a Log Home stores. So feel free to browse and get ideas from the bigger stores, but I would put off my purchase and go to a flooring , The Need for National Regulations and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry store instead.

Trap #2: Bringing Home , Painting a Room's Woodwork and the Trim Around Doors and Windows Opens Up Design Potential Ridiculous Amounts Of Flooring , Energy Conservation - Simple Tips that Will Reduce Your Energy Bill Samples:

In my personal experience, this confused the customer more than anything. I'm not saying don't take some samples home , Bagged or Bagless - Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Should You Purchase? and try to co-ordinate colors. , Sauna Accessories for an Even Better Sauna Bath But having 63 wood floor , Bagged or Bagless - Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Should You Purchase? samples sprawled all over your floor , Laminate ing Advantages and Disadvantages is madness. See, you will NOT remember what you looked at. And your flooring , Heating Basement Rec Rooms shopping experience will be a nightmare. Here's a personal experience:

A lady I was helping select her new wood floor , Tips on How to Reglaze a Bath Tub looked at every sample in the store. Literally. That's over a few hundred samples - I kid you not! After she was about to leave, I told her 'wait maam, I have something here out back, let me get it for you'. Now the sample I pulled was identical to the very first one she looked at an hour earlier and said 'it was too red'.

She bought it.

A good tip , Little Giant Ladder For First Time Users when looking at samples, always eliminate one before going to the next. So if you have two on the ground, when you come with the third ask yourself , Methods of Porcelain and China Collectible Repair for Lladro and Hummel Figurines 'if I had to remove one from this planet, , Consider Painting Contractors for Your Next Project which would it be?'. That way, you're not confusing yourself. , How Bad Is The Air In Your House?

Trap #3: Insisting on seeing samples 'in different lights':

Knock yourself , Air Mattress Beds Provide Comfort And Versatility out during the daytime. At night, when you're asleep, they all look black :-)

Trap #4: Unaware of Flooring Product , How Acoustical Foam Improves Soundproofing Variation:

Many flooring products , The Need for National Regulations and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry have a natural , How to Make Freezer Blocking Work for You color variation between planks and tiles; particularly natural , Bed shopping advice for the tired shopper stone. Some have very light, , Painting a Room's Woodwork and the Trim Around Doors and Windows Opens Up Design Potential others have extreme to random variation. They are meant to look this way! So be sure you know this before you buy. Ask the salesperson and if you're unsure, get several samples to get an idea of the range of variation.

Trap #5: Buying Sticker Price:

Never, EVER do this! You must learn how to , Consider Painting Contractors for Your Next Project negotiate with flooring , Do I Really Need a Contractor? salespeople or they will eat you alive. If you don't know how, I suggest you download your copy of Floor , Building Materials Buying Secrets. You'll win em' over in less than 3 minutes.

Trap #6: Not Reading Your Contract:

This isn't an excuse if you cancel your order for any reason and the flooring , Ceiling Fans are Really Cool store whacks you with up to a 35% re-stocking fee of the total order amount! So if you cancel a $7500 order, kiss $2625 goodbye. Read it carefully before you sign, and if you're unsure, ask them directly if there's a re-stocking fee.

Trap #7: Not Registering Your Floor:

Many flooring products , The Need for National Regulations and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry come with a manufacturers , How To Find Cat Mailboxes booklet certifying authenticity and ask you to register your floor , Air Ventilation For Protecting Against Leaky Basements with them. They do this in case any warranty issues surface later. If they have you on file, they can quickly take care of your request. I strongly recommend doing this.
Sammer Hakim worked in the flooring , Why Air Cooler Hire Is So Important When You Take Management Decisions industry for several years and shares his money saving tips , How Bad Is The Air In Your House? and strategies through his site http://www.flooringsecrets.com

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