Feng Shui Your Home, Work and Life For Balance and Harmony


Article by: Suzee Miller

Feng Shui describes the communication that takes place , Natural Gas Grills - the Best Way to BBQ Your Steak every day between you and your environment, , Houses That Make People Sick be it your home, , Find Out How To Install A Tin Ceiling garden , Countertops 101 - Basics on Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Material or work. This discipline investigates the universal feelings and reactions of human beings to all environments, , Home Improvement Service Companies and Liability Issues including our world. The teachings explore how connections (TAO), balance (Yin/Yang) and vitality (CHI) impact our lives. An environment , Asphalt versus Concrete Driveways – Which is Best affects all aspects of our being in the world..from health, safety, , Kirby Vacuum Cleaners – Don't Shoot the Messenger! family, friendship, spirituality... to even how we love. Now, more than ever before, it is important to space clear the clutter out of our lives and minds..to allow POSITIVE LIFE FORCE to support, nurture and empower us, via a balanced and harmonic environment. , Veranda Decking - A New Alternative In Decking Material

The location , Natural Gas Grills - the Best Way to BBQ Your Steak of clutter in an environment, , Changing Tastes - The Appeal Of The Orient reveals the content of a person's inner struggle. The absence of disorder empowers us. As we are connected by energy , A Guide To Searching For The Perfect Bathtub to everything in our environment. , Finding Reputable Sauna Dealers ..you might want to review the following and check to see where you may be struggling in your life:


Entrance door. , Bathroom Vanities - Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home .. fear of relationships

Inside closets...unwilling to examine emotions

In Kitchen. , Enhance The Look Of Your Bathroom With Trendy Shower Curtain Rods ..resenting/overwhelmed by caretaking

Next to Bed. , Age Old Question: Buy New or Remodel Existing Home? ..desire for change , Ten Convenience Built-Ins ThatÂ’ll Save Your Busy Household Hundreds Of Hours Each Year or escape

On Desk..frustration, fear of letting go or need to control

In a corner or behind a door. , A Guide To Searching For The Perfect Bathtub .detachment from others

Under a piece of furniture. , Houses That Make People Sick ..importance of appearances

In a cellar...procrastination

In an attic...living in the past

In a garage. , Research Concerning Color in Homes and Workplaces ..inability to actualize

All over...lack of self love or anger and self-loathing

Feng Shui is a process that requires constant monitoring from space clearing negative thoughts in our minds, to clearing clutter in our environment. , How To Maintain A Mop Bucket The choice to live a conscious and balanced life, free of clutter, is a freedom that no one can deny us, but.... ourselves! Feng Shui is not superstition, philosophy or a religion. It is the art and science of living in harmony with our interior , Countertops 101 - Basics on Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Material and exterior environments. , Kirby Vacuum Cleaners – Don't Shoot the Messenger!

Suzee Miller is a nationally recognized expert on Feng Shui , Tips For Simple And Effective Burlary Prevention principles and their applications in business and real estate. She has authored 17 audio programs on Feng Shui , Countertops 101 - Basics on Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Material and appears as a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows. Dedicated to healing the planet , Finding Reputable Sauna Dealers and to empowering people, Suzee is fast becoming the most sought after Feng Shui , Research Concerning Color in Homes and Workplaces speaker and consultant in the nation.

For more information, , In Praise of Satin -- Wordy Pleasures in Mind inDeed! - Sheets of fun or just Fun in sheets? visit our website: www.fengshuiplaza.com or call , Tips For Simple And Effective Burlary Prevention us at 899-499-7844.

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