Drapery Buying Tips


Article by: Linda Emerson

Drapery provides intimacy and regulates the volume of natural , A Summer Electrical Check-Up for Your Home light inside , Decorating a Fireplace Mantel a room. , Can Carpet Cleaners Clean Air Ducts With Their Vacuum? Choosing the right kind of drapery in your room , Should You Get An Electrical Inspection? can be sometimes confusing. Drapery can either subtly blend into your room's background or downright make an impact and statement in the room. , Should You Get An Electrical Inspection? The drapes you use will often times reflect your personality.

Here are some guidelines in choosing a draperies for your room:

1.Choose a fabric

Choose a fabric with colors , Painting Still Lifes and patterns that matches or complement your window, , Seeing the Light pre-existing furniture , Preventing Water Damage in the Bathroom and artwork. Also, choose a kind of fabric you would want to use and fits your personality or style.

2.Hang an opaque draper

Hang an opaque drapery to block out intense sunlight, to complement the decor , Is an Electric Fireplace Right for You? and style, and to keep nosy neighbors from looking in. A few drapes have special liners that completely blocks out the sun. , A Well Chosen Bathroom Vanity Will Make Your Bathroom Look Great! This is especially good for your den, movie or tv room. , Air Conditioning

3.Choose a pattern

Drapes come in a variety of length and fabrics (e.g. silk, velvet, cotton). The patterns include floral print and animated prints, as well as solid colors. , Double Your Space With Closet Organizers Choose a pattern that you like, don't compromise just because it looks good in the room. , Installing Ceramic Tile in a Shower Be sure that you actually like it. Choose a color , Gel Candle Safety: What You Should Know Before You Buy that best fits you and the room. , Seeing the Light Lighter colors , Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for a vibrant and warm feel or darker colors , A Summer Electrical Check-Up for Your Home for a more relax mood.

4.Consider sheers

Sheers are usually hang beneath the drapes. They allow sunlight gently into the room , The Working Pantry: A Cure for Kitchen Clutter by reducing the glare. The sheers are great when you're spending some quiet time reading a book or magazine. It subtly lets natural , Have Romantic Ambiance with the Flick of a Switch! light in but blocks distracting view from the outside. , Kitchen Faucet Buying Tips During night time they produce a delightful silhouette with the lights , Vinyl Replacement Window Terminology turned on.

5.Measure your windows , A New Discovery in the Solar World

Measure your windows , A Well Chosen Bathroom Vanity Will Make Your Bathroom Look Great! carefully and accurately before making any purchase. Determine how much of the drapery will cover the windows , Bamboo Flooring-A New Trend and its immediate surrounding.

Measure it from top to bottom. When you measure the length of the drapery, remember that it hangs from a curtain rod about six to eight inches above the window , Should You Get An Electrical Inspection? frame. The drapery usually measures two to three inches above the floor. , Thermal curtains are conventional looking window coverings that save energy So the actual length of the drapery measures from the curtain rod down to two inches above the floor. , Double Your Space With Closet Organizers

Measure it from side to side. The drapes should extend to both end by about three inches. Double the side to side measurement of your window , Choosing the Perfect Blinds, Vertical Blinds, or Wood Blinds for Your Home for a luxurious looking drapes.

6.Hardware for your drapery.

Put the final touches on your drapery with rods, holdbacks, finials and curtain rings.

Curtain rods are available in a variety of styles, finishes and color. , Is an Electric Fireplace Right for You? They are usually adjustable and can be fitted exactly to your window. , Basement Moisture Sealing: Top Four Steps to Sealing Basements If you're using layers of sheers under your drapes then find double rods.

Finials are fitted at the end of your rods. They can be simple, exotic or stylish. Whatever style you choose they come in metal, , Installing Ceramic Tile in a Shower glass , How To Select The Right Area Rug or wood. , Seeing the Light

Holdbacks are a stylish or simple way to hold back your drapes and keep them open. They come in copper , A Summer Electrical Check-Up for Your Home holdbacks, bronze holdbacks, nickel holdbacks, brass holdbacks, pewter holdbacks, and chrome holdbacks. The holdbacks are available in intricate, simple or rustic design. , 10 Surefire Ways to Avoid Common DIY Home Improvement Mistakes

Curtain rings accentuate your drapes. They are made from various material and finishes. Choose a ring that fits the general theme or mood in the room. , Drapery Buying Tips

Before purchasing anything, be sure that you know exactly what you're purchasing. Read the item details carefully. If you're buying online, , Installing Ceramic Tile in a Shower do not use wire transfer services. They are not safe, , A New Discovery in the Solar World if you are paying someone you do not know. Research your seller very well, so you feel safe , Portable Air Conditioners - An Inexpensive Cooling Solution for Your Home with an online , An Introduction To Garage Door Openers transaction.

To be really comfortable with your purchase online, , Save Hundreds On Winter Heating Bills With Simple Do-It-Yourself Technique you can do the following:

Check the seller's online , Boost Your Home's Value by Adding a Concrete Garage feedback rating. Check the number of transactions they have already completed? What is the percentage of responses do they have are positive?

What do buyers say about them in their feedback? Have the seller receive a lot of praises?

A lot of top sellers function like retail stores. They should have return policies. Do they offer any kind of money-back guarantee? What are the usual terms and conditions of the purchase?

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For more great drapery information , The Truth About Roofs and resources check out: www.bestdraperies.info

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