Downsizing Successfully Requires a Right-sized Approach


Article by: J Allen

There are a myriad of reasons for downsizing and moving to a smaller place. , Foundation Repair Contractors It may be the kids are grown and space isn't needed, or perhaps a financial setback has occurred. Or maybe it's simply a choice of wanting more time to pursue other things besides keeping up with a large place. , Vinyl Kitchen Flooring: Why you Should Install Vinyl Floors in your Kitchen Whatever the reason, embrace the opportunity to start fresh.

The biggest mistake so many folks make is trying to bring along everything they've accumulated over the years and force-fit it into a space that may be half as large as what they had. The end result is accommodations that are cobbled together and cramped.

How many times have we toured a model home , Low Flow Toilets... A Love, Hate Relationship or apartment, , Plastic Decking Ė The Modern Solution For The Modern Home that's been decorated for showing, and noticed how well put together everything is? It didn't happen because someone got hold of a bunch of stuff and proceeded to figure out where to put it. Rather, they tailored the furnishings and d√ɬ©cor specifically to the size and dimensions of those rooms. , Bath Sink Vanity - Materials and Mounting Options for Bathroom Sink Vanities Imagine how well we could furnish a new place, , Ceiling Medallions, Crown Molding, and Ceiling Domes: 3 Ways to Add Elegance and Beauty to Any Room starting from scratch like that?

It's not such a daunting task if we define the specific outcomes we want accomplished and then plan , Coffee Tables, End Tables, and Sofa Tables accordingly. The first step is to examine the new space closely to gauge what's available to work with. Do some thinking outside , Smoke Detectors are Now Required by Law! the box, and brainstorm possible ideas. If square footage is limited, then how can the existing space best be utilized. Think in three dimensions. Consider vertical space, especially for storage in utility rooms , Home Energy Savings Tips: Compact Fluorescent Lamps and closets. But also for ways to make use of dead spaces overhead, such as hanging a pot , Surviving Winter in Style rack off the ceiling over an island in the kitchen. , The Reasons Why Gas Fireplace Logs Heat Your Chimney Better Than Your Room

Next, go room , What are Sauna Kits? by room , How to Finance a New Kitchen? in the old place, , What are Sauna Kits? making a list of what will go and what won't. Having noted room , Decorating a Fireplace Mantel dimensions at the new location, , Things to look for when buying a new mattress it's fairly straightforward to determine whether things will fit. Sketch a scaled floor , How to Choose the Right Wood to use for Your Deck - Main Factors to Consider layout and measure existing items. It's not just a matter of having too many furnishings, it's often that many of them are too large to blend in to smaller rooms. , Solar Energy Systems for Pools This step of deciding to get rid of not only excess, but also things that won't fit or will look out of place, , Don't Buy A Down Comforter Until You Read This seems to be the most difficult for people.

The reality is, that to do this well, may mean entire rooms , The Benefits of Juicers of furnishings, not to mention tons of stuff forgotten in the attic, shouldn't be making the move. We all can become attached to things, but too much of that can be a real obstacle to accomplishing what we're trying to do. There's nothing wrong with keeping a few pieces that may have special significance or perhaps sentimental value, but do it judiciously.

So, assuming we've been successful in culling out what to part with, what do we do with it? Two choices, sell it or give it away. There are several approaches. Selling furniture , Corrugated Roofing Materials Used for Roofing Any Structure through consignment stores is a possibility, or it can be donated, with the added advantage of getting a tax write-off. However, the best method is to have a giant moving sale. Often, a third to half the original cost can be redeemed. If someone is really downsizing, they usually have so much to get rid of, they can come close to, if not surpass, the amount they will need to get new furnishings.

Besides disposing of furniture, , Solar Energy Systems for Pools moving sales are great for clearing out tons of stuff long unused or forgotten about. Though they are a lot of work to do well, and I don't recommend doing more than one per decade, they get the job done. Don't forget too, that expenses of packing and moving are a significant cost of relocating, especially if there is much to move or it's over any appreciable distance. In that case it makes even more sense to sell most things instead, and acquire what's needed at the new location. , Realign Your Budget - Purchase Your First Piece of Fine Art

The last steps after the move are filling in the gaps. This is more than just getting pieces to take up space, and takes some thought, especially if one is used to just spreading out. We want a comfortable home , Rainbow Vacuum Water Washes Your Air, Does A Rainbow Vacuum Really Really Do This? that is functional and easy to move about in. Be particular when looking for new furniture, , Smoke Detectors are Now Required by Law! making certain each piece not only serves the purpose you have in mind, but is proportionally correct. For instance, bookcases come in many sizes. Differences in depth and profile affect how far things stand out from walls , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment and may impede traffic flow. A few inches can often ruin the desired effect.

Becoming proficient at making the most out of smaller spaces is a whole different topic, and the subject of other articles, but in so far as furniture , Is Your Home Under Attack By A Silent Invader is concerned, pay attention to dimensions. Also, consider pieces that can do double duty such as end tables with built-in lamps, or coffee tables with storage inside. , Rainbow Vacuum Water Washes Your Air, Does A Rainbow Vacuum Really Really Do This? Some hassocks are designed to serve as both foot rests and extra seating, plus they have a storage cavity. The list goes on and on.

One critical thing to remember when laying out new space, is to provide room , Tips for Choosing Window Blinds to grow. , Bathroom Sink Vanity - Materials and Mounting Options for Bathroom Sink Vanities If, when we move in and get everything set up, we've filled every nook and cranny, things will shortly start bursting at the seams. If that's the case, then we either brought too much along, or didn't get creative enough. At any rate, plan , Trend-setting Across America: The New Medieval Architecture for the future by leaving enough room , Trend-setting Across America: The New Medieval Architecture to add a few new things later.

There are numerous ways to create incredibly multi-functional accommodations that are also comfortable and spacious. But it takes two things to make it happen - a little imaginative determination, and the willingness to let go of the old and start anew. The upside is that it can be fun, and the payoff is a new lifestyle free of excess baggage.
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