Donít Get Tangled With An Unlicensed Electrical Contractor


Article by: Max Sheppard

Meeting The Code

When considering new construction or a remodeling project, one of the most important aspects is the electrical portion of the work. While many homeowners do some of the electrical work themselves, it is wise to enlist the services of a licensed , 10 Quick Ways to Change Your Fire-less Fireplace from a Black Hole to a Worthy Focal Point electrical contractor. , Should I Buy A Cuckoo Clock? Electrical wiring, circuit boxes, and fixtures can represent a severe hazard, resulting in fire , Warm up with wood or injury if not properly assembled and installed.

Most local , Shopping For Carpet building authorities require that even residential electrical wiring meet local , Home Building-Development or Custom Built code specifications. An inspection must be performed upon completion of work before drywall is installed, and a "certificate of inspection"¬Ě provided by the inspector or licensed , Bed Advice for New Internet Users electrician.

Finding the Right Contractor

When hiring an electrical contractor, , Soft Goods Upholstered Furniture make sure they meet these guidelines:

Provide a written quote for the price of the work they will be doing.

Provide references of completed projects, and proof of current liability insurance.

Are licensed , Design With Solar Landscape Lighting and Lighting Fixtures in Mind for work in your locality

They will obtain the necessary permits and application for inspection

They will provide the signed certificate of inspection upon completion

After selecting a contractor, , Basic Insulation Buying Tips and when drawing up the contract, be sure to include detailed information , 10 Quick Ways to Change Your Fire-less Fireplace from a Black Hole to a Worthy Focal Point on project specifics. Include such things as start and finish dates, specifications of fixtures and materials, and a detailed payment plan. , Why should you buy Tempur Pedic's Memory Foam Mattress? It is normal for the contractor , Bed Advice for New Internet Users to ask for 10 to 33% of the project cost in advance.

The Inspection Process

Because wiring, circuit boxes, and fixtures must meet electrical code and be inspected before other aspects of the project can be completed, it is important to meet with all other contractors , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment when planning and scheduling work, to insure the project progresses smoothly.

In addition to the mentioned inspections, if there will be any buried cable involved, that will also need to be inspected before trenching is backfilled. Wiring to the meter, the main disconnect, and grounding must also be inspected.

The three best resources for finding an electrical contractor , Why You Should Choose a Retractable Awning are references from someone you know that recently have had work done, a list of local , Finding The Best Whole House Humidifier Out There licensed contractors , Soft Goods Upholstered Furniture provided by the licensing authority in your area, and Internet , Selecting The Right Patio Furniture Cushions referral resources. Canadians can go online , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment at to find a qualified, licensed , Beautiful And Functional Lighting professional in their area.

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Max Sheppard is Co-Owner of Handy at and Handy at Handy and Handy is your one-stop renovation information web , Basic Insulation Buying Tips site: where homeowners locate professional contractors, , Satellite TV Basics businesses connect with commercial contractors, , How to Lay Tile: A Beginner's Guide and qualifying contractors , Shopping For Carpet acquire new leads.

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