Do You Know What Is Living Under Your Mobile Home?


Article by: Linda Meckler

Do you know what is living underneath your mobile home? If you are lucky and your entire mobile home , DIY Methods to Save on Utilities is resting on a cement slab this doesn't concern you. But if your mobile home , Simple Air Conditioning Repairs You Can Do Yourself is sitting in the dirt or half on and half off cement? Read on.

What is living under your mobile home? Did you know there is a whole animal kingdom living under your home?

Wild animal love to dig and tunnel their way underground stopping under your mobile home , Fine Window Blinds Are A Versatile Decoration For Today's to rest. They also like to dig from the outside , Indoor Sauna Rooms - The Inside Scoop of your home , Choosing Patio Furniture compatible with the Décor of your Patio jump inside , Changing Your Utilities' Suppliers and get trapped and die.


The answer is yes. The second year I lived in my mobile home , Window coverings a perfect solution for privacy. I woke up one morning with the worst odor possible squeezing my senses. Even though I had lived in my home , A New Is A Unique Home for a year I had never encountered this stench before.

I called a friend and he investigated and found a dead animal lying on the ground underneath the skirting on my mobile home. , Shower Filters & Purifiers He though it was a opossum. Luckily it was close to the side and he just had to reach in and retrieve.

A few months later I once again woke to this wonderful aroma of another dead animal under my mobile home. , Babysitter Spy Camera

I called the local , Dining Rooms: Designing for Your Emotional Well-Being pest control place , Home Improvements – Making Decisions and they sent a representative to remove the dead skunk. The man said to me he had retrieved the dead skunk and the charge was $100.00 which I gladly paid to be able to live in my home , How To Care For Your Leather Furniture and breathe.


That is not the end of this story. One week later on Mothers Day I woke once again to this horrific smell this time 10 times worse. Of course it was a weekend and holiday so I could not call , Window coverings a perfect solution for privacy. the same company that had been out seven days ago.

I made several phone calls , Window coverings a perfect solution for privacy. until I found a man that was willing to come out to my home , DIY Methods to Save on Utilities on a holiday and remove the skunk.

He was a wonderful man who immediately bent over and entered the world of animal life and whatever habitats , Feel the Bathroom With Bathroom Accessories under my mobile home. , Bathroom Magic He removed the dead skunk and called me out to see it. I had already explained about the other visit from the other company.


This is the same skunk that was supposed to have been removed seven days prior. The man was either to lazy or thought he would run some kind of scam by being called back and get paid twice for removing the same animal. All he did was squirt some kind of chemical under my house , The Cost of NOT Doing Home Maintenance: Free Home Maintenance Tips for The Bathroom to mask the odor.

He showed me the animal and I watched as he placed it inside , Tips in Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink his truck. He charged me $150.00 and drove off.


I received a telephone call , Choosing Patio Furniture compatible with the Décor of your Patio from this man about an hour later. He told me he was ripping up my check because he felt that I had been ripped off and he was ripping me off a second time. taking payment.

I argued with him to please cash the check I was grateful for him taking his time and coming out to my house , Dining Rooms: Designing for Your Emotional Well-Being and help me.

In the end he ripped up the check. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.


On Monday morning I called the Pest , Solar Power and Wind Power Initiatives: The Way of the Future Control Company. I spoke to the lady in charge. She said the paperwork stated that the animal had been left and not removed.

Now I ask you, why would I lie about something like this. Anyway, the bottom line is I should have taken the extra step to make sure the animal was indeed removed. Also I had never received any paperwork from this representative of the company who supposedly removed the dead skunk.

This all happened a couple of years ago when the area I was living in was alive with fires. , Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant: 8 Tips Help You Select the Right One for You The animals were running for their lives and ended up dead under numerous mobile homes. , Kitchen Renovations Tips for a Multi-Purpose Modern Kitchen

The city will send animal control to removed dead animals off the city streets or freeways but they do not enter private dwellings.

The reason I have written this story is for you the mobile home , Is This Your Dream ? owner to be aware of what lurks beneath your mobile home. , How To Care For Your Leather Furniture


After I had gone through this horrible mess twice my neighbor said to me. I have lived here for thirty years and I have never had a dead animal end up under my home. , Save Money When Designing Your Own I use moth balls every six months, I throw moth balls under my mobile home. , Stairs, Stairwells, Carpet, Tiles and Timber Flooring The animals hate the smell and do not bother with your home , Effective Roofing Repairs and go on to another victim.

I do not know whether this is a true fact or not but two years later I am happy to report NO DEAD ANIMALS UNDER MY MOBILE HOME!


Now that I have your attention I would like to discuss something as a Mobile Home , Choosing The Right Cabinet For Your Needs Owner is now crucial for all Mobile Home , Fine Window Blinds Are A Versatile Decoration For Today's Owners that live in Parks.

Our State Legislatures are now reviewing the facts and fictions on mobile home , Selecting area rugs for your or office parks.

We want our State Legislatures who represent us the voters to know what the facts are.

(1) Gouging rent increases. Rent increases any amount,or time. We are truly at the mercy of the Park owners.

(2) We want a sealing or freezing on the rent.

(3) Many Mobile Home , Water Treatment Systems Owners are now abandoning their homes , The Benefits of Painted Wall Murals and losing their money and home. , Kitchen Renovation Tips: Why Update your Countertops?

(4) If you move and leave your mobile home , The Benefits of Painted Wall Murals you still have to pay rent space.

(5) We would like the option to be able to purchase the park for ourselves. Who better to run and manage our Mobile Home , The Benefits of Painted Wall Murals Park but the people who live in it.

Those are the issues and many more. Please write, call, , Knobs, Hinges and More is Proud to Introduce Objects by Tracy Glover Studios and Michael Healy Desig fax, or email your representatives.

If you do not know who they are ask your representatives of your Home , Window coverings a perfect solution for privacy. Owners Association.

Please do your part. I am an owner of a Mobile Home , Why Air Cooler Hire Is So Important When You Take Management Decisions and live in a Mobile Home , Selecting area rugs for your or office Park.

Please feel free to check out any of my articles. I would love to hear from you.

Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler
Linda Meckler - EzineArticles Expert Author
Linda loves living in her Mobile Home , Save Money When Designing Your Own and would like to continue living in it for many years. She is truly concerned about the above issues about rent raising and other issues mentioned. Currently she is the author of "Ghost Kids Trilogy," three books in one book. CHRISTY 12, AND HER BROTHER BRAD, 16 MOVE INTO AN OLD HOUSE ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN AND MEET TWO GHOST KIDS. Meet a Magical Blue , All the Best in Duvet Covers, Duvets and Silk Duvets Vase. Join Christy and Brad on a Pirates' Treasure Hunt. ADVENTURE/MYSTERY Love, Family Values and Charity burst off the pages.

Visit my website at my email Order my book at or With an order of 5 books = 40% discount. An order of 20 books free shipping and handling. ISBN 0-7414-2273-5.

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