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Article by: Khieng Chho

Have you ever envied the smooth, sleek countertops that pervade your favorite kitchen , Guide To Water Leak Detection In Our Homes shows? Have you ever dreamed about getting a bright countertop to make your workspace appear wider? Or have you ever craved for a countertop with enough marble to rival an Italian museum?

Come to think of it, what are countertops for? And what are countertops made of?

Countertops refer, in general, to the horizontal surface that coats kitchen , Static Electricity counters, as well as other areas where food , Do It Yourself? You'd Better Think It Through! is prepared. Countertops also refer to any working counter, as they are installed on top of any surface, and are usually supported on the bottom by cabinets.

Countertops can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials. Selection of countertops depends upon the cost of the material, its appearance, its durability and strength, and the ease with which it can be worked on and installed.

Some common materials for making countertops include the following.

"¢ Polished and laminated granite, or other smoothened natural , Power Washing Roofs Like A Professional stones - These are usually cheaper than most other materials, since they are readily available, and easy to work with. They are, however, harder to replace once they are chipped or damaged.

"¢ Marble - Marble countertops are expensive, but if worked on skillfully and maintained, such countertops can last a long time. Depending on their color , The Best Kept Secrets In Kitchen Designs and veining patterns, marble countertops can also make a room , Lighting Up Your World appear stylish.

"¢ Wood - Although not often used, wood , How Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps Are Made can give a homey appearance to a room. , Carpet Cleaning Tips Wood, , Should You Get Help With Your Home Heating Plans? however, is not recommended to be permanently installed on kitchen , Getting Started With Home Improvement Ideas counters, as it can accumulate bacteria, especially if it is constantly used as a butcher block.

"¢ Stainless steel - Most modern kitchens, , Adding Stairs Into Deck Railing Plans especially those in restaurants, employ this durable material, as it is easily cleaned and maintained. Stainless steel also withstands most cracks and scratches. Stainless steel is also strong enough to stand on its own, and will not require cabinets to support it. This material, however, also easily takes on the temperature , Decorating Tips to Update Your Living Room: New Paint, a Fireplace Mantel and More of its surroundings, so that children must be kept away from them, especially if the stainless steel countertop is part of a stove system.

"¢ Plastic - A cheap alternative to expensive stones , Tips on buying Memory foam Mattresses and steel, some countertops can be made of plastic, , The Best Kept Secrets In Kitchen Designs especially if the work to be done on it will not involve cutting or slicing.

"¢ Formica - This mica-derived material is perhaps the most commonly used in household kitchens, , L'Equip Juicer Collection - Limitless Luscious Liquids as it is relatively cheap, durable, and can withstand scratches.

"¢ Synthetic stone , Decorating Tips to Update Your Living Room: New Paint, a Fireplace Mantel and More - Some countertops can be made of stone , Guide To Water Leak Detection In Our Homes and resin mixtures. One strong variety of this material consists of a plastic , Lamps Are Decorative And Functional Too substrate enclosing quartz crystals.

"¢ Laminates - Another form of countertops include the plastic laminates. , Ceiling Fan Wireless Remote Controls These are produced by gluing a thin sheet of laminate , Curing Squeaking Floor Boards over durable materials, such as fiberboard or concrete. , Wicker Patio Sets

"¢ Tile - Another common material for countertops is the ever-reliable tile. , Beds - The Evolution Of Sleep Tiles, , Deterring Birds From Your Home however, can accumulate mildew and molds, and can be difficult to clean.

Countertops are constructed depending on their final use. Kitchen , Humidifiers - What Are the Benefits countertops, in particular, are formed such that they have a backsplash, or a raised edge that will keep spills from falling into cabinets. Countertop faces can also be decorated, from minimalist and plain, to elaborate, depending on the user's desires.

Whether you're after the "down home" feel of wood, , Bathroom Shower Doors - A Simple Solution For Giving Your Bathroom A Stylish New Image! or the stylish sheen of marble, choose a countertop that will fit your needs, and not just be eye candy. After all, you can be inspired to work more and better if your room , Designing Great-looking Window Coverings on a Budget looks good - and just as discouraged if the surface you're working on is more a hindrance than a welcome sight.
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