Cork Flooring Is The Best Option Around For Durability And Aesthetic Value


Article by: Kevin Brown

It is inevitable, almost everyone no matter how long they have lived in their house, , Choosing The Best Woodworking Saws wants to replace their flooring , Knobs, Hinges and More is Proud to Introduce Objects by Tracy Glover Studios and Michael Healy Desig at some point. Do you have carpet , Protect Your Floors with a Concrete Sealant! that is covered in pet stains, juice, coffee or wine stains? Carpet , Safety and Windows Installation gets matted down and shows wear patterns quickly. Alternatively, maybe you have hardwood floors , Choosing The Best Woodworking Saws that are full of scratches and dents. Linoleum that is peeling up at the edges and seams and has rips and tears in it.

No matter what type of flooring , 10 ways to cut your electric bill you currently have. If you are not happy with what you are walking on, it can reduce the value and appearance of your home , Building a Addition dramatically. If you are considering a new floor, , How To Choose Awnings For Your Home Or Business you owe it to yourself , Protect Your Floors with a Concrete Sealant! to look into cork flooring , Choosing the Right Commercial Flagpole as an option.

What Is Cork Flooring?

Cork has been used in a variety of capacities for thousands of years including flooring. , Roof Cleaning - Making Your Old Roof Look Like New! Because of all of the wonderful properties , Where’s the Care Label for my New Bedspread? found naturally in cork, it is a perfect choice for flooring, , Relax in a Hammock sound proofing, and of course in wine bottles.

Cork is taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. , How to Tell if You Need a General Contractor The cork can be harvested after the tree , Roof Cleaning - Making Your Old Roof Look Like New! is 25 years of age. And after that, the tree , Relax in a Hammock can be harvested every nine years for the rest of the lifetime. In addition, since each cork oak tree , Decorative Floors: Transform Your Space from the Bottom Up can live to be over two hundred years old, cork is a renewable resource, making it an excellent option for environmentally , Choosing The Best Woodworking Saws conscious consumers.

How Durable Is Cork?

When you think of cork, you may think immediately of wine corks or small cork plugs that are used to plug bottles of all shapes and sizes. You may have had the experience of a cork used in a wine bottle breaking off into your wine. If this has happened to you, you might be wondering if cork really is strong enough for a flooring , Incorporate an Energy Efficiency Retrofit into Your Home Improvement in Calgary, Alberta option.

The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, cork is probably one of the strongest flooring , Exterior Painting - You Can Do That options available on the market today! Cork is much less affected by impact and friction than hardwood, laminate , Gutter Maintenance or tile , Roof Cleaning - Making Your Old Roof Look Like New! flooring. Therefore, cork can stand up to much more use and abuse than any other flooring , Protect Your Floors with a Concrete Sealant! type.

In fact, cork has an amazing resistant and is extremely resilient to pressure. If you stand on a cork floor , New Jersey Home Remodeling with high heels, the floor , Choosing the Right Commercial Flagpole will make an impression or a dent. However, when you remove the pressure, the floor , Patio Canopies: Protecting Your Patio From The Elements... will spring , Planning Permission Tips UK - Agricultural Plots of Land for Sale - The Latest Mug Punter Scam? back to its original shape almost immediately, and leave no lasting mark or impression! This is handy if you plan , Install Wood Flooring to place , Knobs, Hinges and More is Proud to Introduce Objects by Tracy Glover Studios and Michael Healy Desig any heavy furniture , Electric Radiant Floor Heating on your floor. , Robotic Vacuum Cleaners With other types of flooring , Outdoor Kitchen Interoduction such as carpet, , Gutter Maintenance heavy furniture , What a Tempermental Floor! will leave a permanent mark when it is moved. However with cork, when you remove the furniture, , Homeowners – Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor the floor , Install Wood ing with look as good as new.

When you drop heavy items on tile floors, , Protect Your s with a Concrete Sealant! they are prone to cracking and breaking. However, with a cork floor, , Incorporate an Energy Efficiency Retrofit into Your Home Improvement in Calgary, Alberta the item will not leave a mark. This is an excellent property , Roof Cleaning - Making Your Old Roof Look Like New! if you have small children or are just clumsy!

What About Water?

Cork contains a natural , Outdoor Kitchen Interoduction substance called suberin. Suberin is a waxy type of substance that makes the cork impervious to liquids and the cork will not rot if it is exposed to water , Convection vs. Conventional Ovens... What's the Difference? or liquid like a hardwood or laminate. , Electric Radiant Floor Heating This makes cork flooring , Where’s the Care Label for my New Bedspread? a perfect choice for kitchens , How to Tell if You Need a General Contractor or bathroom , Building Online: How Architects Use Extranets for Online Collaboration areas. Cork is the best seal around which is evidenced by the use of cork to stop up wine bottles for centuries.

If you spill anything on a cork floor, , Install Wood ing you do not have to worry about staining or any other damage, you simply wipe it up, and the mess is gone. Unlike carpet , Install Wood Flooring or hardwood where you would have to worry about a permanent stain or discoloration of the floor. , Lighting Up Your World

What Other Properties , Don’t Get Tangled With An Unlicensed Electrical Contractor Does Cork Have?

Cork is the perfect choice if you suffer from allergies or if you have an illness that requires your living environment , Convection vs. Conventional Ovens... What's the Difference? to be very clean. Because cork is a natural , Choosing the Right Ladder for Your Home barrier to insects, common problem insects such as termites and ants cannot get into the flooring , Simple Air Conditioning Repairs You Can Do Yourself and infest the house. , Log Home Mistakes Ebook Review

In addition, cork is naturally germ resistant which means that no allergens can hid in the floor , Homeowners – Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor such as with carpet. , Pictures need placing with care if they are to look their best and enhance your home The floor , Picture Perfect s: A guide to Laminate Flooring will not absorb dust or allow any molds or funguses to grow. , What a Tempermental Floor! It is easy to clean and is not produced with any harsh chemicals, which makes it the perfect choice for people suffering with allergies or any major illness.

Can I Install It Myself?

If you are a do it yourselfer and you like home , The Very Best in Area Rugs, Braided Rugs and Persian Rugs! projects, than cork is definitely something that you can install over a weekend. Many manufactures are now producing cork-flooring tiles , Lighting Up Your World with a glue-less technology. You simply snap the tiles , Air Duct Cleaning - How Often in place , Kitchen Sinks-Renovate With Pizazz! like a floating floor. , How to Find the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs This makes the installation easy and it does not require any special tools. , Home Energy Savings: New House Design and Energy Conservation

The Final Decision

Cork is the perfect choice for flooring , Don't Build Without A Hardwood Floor if you need something that will stand up to use and abuse, be long lasting, is resistant to water , Ceiling Fans – That Don't Require The Ceiling and stains and be safe , Outdoor Kitchen Interoduction for the environment. , How To Choose Outdoor Carpeting An excellent value for your money, cork will last forever and is only half the price of many other popular flooring , Drip Drip Drip-That Darn Leaky Faucet! options.

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