Conventional Steam Saunas vs. Infrared Saunas


Article by: C.J. Gustafson

The health benefits of steam saunas have been recognized for centuries, beginning with sweat lodges, traditional Finnish saunas, and other methods of heating the body and producing perspiration that cleanses the cells and pores. Typically, a heat , Top 5 Tips On Keeping Your Furnace Air Filters Clean source such as a wood, , Hot Temperatures Putting Your Utility Bill Through the Roof? electric , Basement Waterproofing or gas , From Savu to Infrared - The History and Health Benefits of Saunas sauna stove is used to produce the heat , What Are Circuit Breakers? in a sauna. But in recent years, a technology known as far infrared has been used to replace the traditional steam sauna with infrared saunas, and some people feel that the result is superior.

How Does A Far Infrared Sauna Work?

Manufacturers say that far infrared saunas use infrared light , With A Stylish Bathroom Vanity You Can Take Pride In Your Bathroom's Appearance! to heat , Build Your Own Storage Sheds the skin directly, rather than warming the air , Cozyin' Up to Winter first. In an infrared sauna, a heater produces this radiant energy, , Residential Air Conditioning Named Top Innovation which is similar to the heat , How to Paint Laminate Countertops - 4 Easy Steps from the sun. , Dryer - Tips On Buying Most of these heaters draw on technology developed in 1965 by Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa, a member of the Research and Development Department of Fuji Medical.

Infrared sauna promoters state that unlike UV radiation or atomic radiation, infrared radiant heat , Outdoor living spaces extend your livable space and delight the senses. is safe , Consider Painting Contractors for Your Next Project and beneficial. When infrared rays hit your skin, they transfer heat , Outdoor living spaces extend your livable space and delight the senses. energy, which proponents say penetrates more than an inch and a half into the body to heal and stimulate tissues, making it an effective therapy for arthritis and tissue injuries.

In addition, the heat , Hot Temperatures Putting Your Utility Bill Through the Roof? causes you to sweat, thus achieving health benefits similar to those from a conventional steam sauna. In fact, some say that the more penetrating and intense heat , Building Materials of a far infrared sauna makes you sweat 2-3 times more, resulting in more comprehensive cleansing.

Reasons to Choose a Far Infrared Sauna

Those who favor the use of the far infrared sauna say that the right frequency of infrared rays triggers a process called resonant absorption, wherein toxins are removed from the cells in our bodies at a higher rate than with a steam sauna. When comparing infrared saunas to standard indoor , Bed-Mattress-Futon: Whatever Bedding you Need Find it with Speed or outdoor , Building Materials saunas, infrared has several other advantages.

Perhaps one of the most important differences between conventional saunas and far infrared saunas is that they function at a lower heat , Why is Having a Dust Collector So Important setting. Standard U.S. saunas typically operate at temperatures , Hot s Putting Your Utility Bill Through the Roof? ranging from 180F to 190F. This high heat , Add Value to Your Home With a Kitchen Remodeling Job can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for some people, especially those with cardiovascular problems.

In addition, the heavy, thick air , Hot Temperatures Putting Your Utility Bill Through the Roof? can be difficult to breathe, and the evaporation can dry out membranes in the nose and eyes. Sometimes the exceptionally high temperatures , Home Air Purifier: What You Need The Most make the wood , The Importance of Your Front Door benches and any metal , Toxic Mold Tort Experts surfaces extremely hot , Installing your new bathroom tiles as well, creating potential for burns.

A far infrared sauna functions between 100F and 130F. Claims state that less than 20% of the infrared energy , The Importance of Your Front Door from the heater goes into the air, , Bed-Mattress-Futon: Whatever Bedding you Need Find it with Speed so not only does the body receive 80% of the heat , How to Paint Laminate Countertops - 4 Easy Steps benefits, some people find that the air , Marble Tile is more tolerable. And other than the heaters, there are no hot , Discount Wood Flooring surfaces to worry about.

Another claim of infrared sauna manufacturers , Ten Things You May Not Know About Selecting Hardwood Flooring is that an infrared sauna heater uses considerably less electricity , Basement Waterproofing than indoor , Affordable Saunas Really Do Exist or outdoor , Five Tips To Quickly Recognize Serious Structural Problems - Home Inspection Tips For Denver-boulder saunas that use electricity , Hardwood Floors 101 to heat. , Who Wins the Barbeque Showdown? Gas vs. Charcoal Grills Plus, the sauna is usually warm within 10 or 20 minutes, whereas a conventional sauna can take over an hour to reach optimal temperatures. , Solar Power for Post Lighting

And infrared uses no water, , What Are Circuit Breakers? so you don't have to plumb pipes or pay for that additional expense. In fact, many feel that infrared saunas are easier to assemble and they can be moved to a new location , Solar Power for Post Lighting with relative ease.

The Other Side of the Sauna Story

On the flip side of the comparison, many people feel that a steam sauna provides benefits that can't be matched by a far infrared sauna. Their main position is that the steam produced by a conventional sauna is essential to the healing process, especially in regard to respiratory health.

In response to those who say a steam sauna will dry out membranes, supporters of Finnish and other conventional saunas state that the steam is beneficial to those with sinus conditions and add that because they operate without steam, infrared saunas are drying and can irritate nasal and lung passages. In addition the dry heat , One Way To Create Extra Space In Your Home Is With Closet Organizers from infrared saunas can cause hair to dry out and skin to become itchy and flaky.

Supporters of conventional saunas feel that information , Bed-Mattress-Futon: Whatever Bedding you Need Find it with Speed about the health benefits of saunas that operate with infrared have been exaggerated or claimed without proof. They refer to different studies that show a traditional sauna produces more sweat and removes more toxins.

And some say that any radiation, even infrared, is unhealthy and should be avoided. An infrared sauna has several heaters, and bathers must sit within a foot of the heat , Why is Having a Dust Collector So Important source in order to gain full benefits. In some cases, this has caused people to feel sunburned following an infrared sauna.

Others who prefer conventional saunas feel that a steam sauna simply feels more healthy , With A Stylish Bathroom Vanity You Can Take Pride In Your Bathroom's Appearance! and refreshing. And because you can control the steam, heat, , Home Water Filtration for Shower and Drinking Purpose and humidity by adding more water , Beginning Interior Design or moving to a higher or lower bench , Laminate Flooring Is Built For The Twenty First Century in the sauna, you can tailor the experience to match your needs and preferences.

Some people prefer a sauna that is heated with wood, , Beautifying Your Home allowing a traditional heat , Bed-Mattress-Futon: Whatever Bedding you Need Find it with Speed source as well as the option to add smoke to the sauna for additional purifying features. , Remove Ink Stains From Carpet Others add aromatherapy oils to their sauna steam to create a dual cleansing and healing effect. This is typically not possible with an infrared sauna.

And there is the tradition and ritual that comes along with certain aspects of a sweat lodge or Finnish sauna that have been a part of different cultures for hundreds of years. For many people, a sauna is not only key to a healthy , Cozyin' Up to Winter physical life, it is also important to overall spiritual health, and making the steam, or löyly (lou-lu), is an important part of that ritual.

Gain First-Hand Knowledge Before Choosing

When it comes to choosing between an infrared sauna and a steam sauna or one that operates with more conventional technology, it is best to try each type yourself , Hardwood Floors 101 and to talk with people who own them. Take time to fully research your options and talk to your doctor about health concerns with either type of sauna. In the end, the choice may come down to limitations in budget, space available, preferences in heating sources, or other personal factors.

No matter which you choose, you will be joining the ranks of millions of people who use and enjoy saunas to improve their health, provide relief and relaxation from life's stresses, socialize with friends and family, and even find spiritual peace.
About the Author:

C.J. Gustafson is a successful writer for providing consumer information , How to Hire an Asphalt Driveway Paving Contractor on family sauna kits. She has been a fan of Finnish saunas ever since a grade school friend's Finnish grandparents invited her to enjoy a traditional steam sauna complete with a shockingly refreshing dip in the ice-covered pond. , Hot Temperatures Putting Your Utility Bill Through the Roof?

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