Colors: Their Connotations and Perceived Meanings


Article by: Jeanette Joy Fisher

Throughout the ages, colors , How to Use Concrete in a Traditional Kitchen have been used to evoke certain emotions, and an examination of the history of color , Choosing the Right General Contractor offers fascinating insights into the human condition, as well as showing how different cultures have developed different attitudes about color. , Guide to Finding the Best Hardwood Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, or Bruce Hardwood Flooring Here are a few examples of what various colors , Types Of Bedsteads have come to represent over the years:


Red has traditionally been associated with courage and love in Western culture, but in China, red is the color , Compact Refrigerators Are Great When Small Is Needed of happiness and good fortune. In fact, white , Using Reflective Roofing Materials has traditionally been the color , Compact Refrigerators Are Great When Small Is Needed most preferred for wedding dresses in America, but the Chinese prefer to dress their brides in red.


Orange is considered a warm color, , Buying a Vacuum? Start by Asking What is the Primary Purpose perhaps because it has evoked the feeling of fire, , Choosing the Right General Contractor all the way back to mankind's earliest beginnings. Painting walls , Concrete Cutting: An Insight To Concrete Core Drills and Concrete Core Drilling a subtle orange, leaning toward a warm brown, stimulates the appetite and can reduce tension. However, as the orange color , Choosing the Right General Contractor becomes brighter, it begins to take on a high energy , How to Use Concrete in a Traditional Kitchen feel and can lead to anxiety.


Brown is another warm and comforting color, , Compact Refrigerators Are Great When Small Is Needed stimulating the appetite and actually making food , How To Choose Wall Mount Outdoor Mailboxes taste better. That makes coffee brown, in all intensities, with or without the cream, an ideal candidate for dining rooms. , Differences between Engineered, Pre-finished, and Unfinished Hardwood Flooring


Since it's always been associated with the sun, , Power Supply Security yellow has traditionally been considered a cheerful color. , Removal Of Asbestos Floor Tile -A Specialized Job Yellow is also the first color , How To Choose The Perfect Retailer For Your Log Furniture most people see in early spring, , Carpet Choices when the daffodils begin to bloom. However, there seems to be an East/West cultural difference when it comes to yellow. The Chinese revere yellow enough to have considered it the imperial color , This Guide Gives you Tips to Make your Bathroom-Remodeling Project a Complete Success since the 10th century, yet several Western studies have shown that yellow is many people's least favorite color. , Differences between Engineered, Pre-finished, and Unfinished Hardwood Flooring


Green is another color , How To Choose Wall Mount Outdoor Mailboxes that has both an up and down side. It's associated with the new growth of spring, , Eclectic Patio Furniture Shows Your Style prosperity, and clean, fresh air, , Concrete Cutting: An Insight To Concrete Core Drills and Concrete Core Drilling yet it can also carry a negative connotation, in terms of mold, nausea, and jealousy. Throughout the ages, green , This Guide Gives you Tips to Make your Bathroom-Remodeling Project a Complete Success has most often been considered to represent fertility, and during the 15th century, green , Adding The Christian Faith To Your Home Decor was the most popular choice of for the wedding gowns of European brides.


Because it's associated with the color , Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tips of the sea and the sky, blue , How to Use Concrete in a Traditional Kitchen has come to symbolize serenity and infinity. That's especially true of the more greenish shades of blue, , Shower Filters Reducing Risks such as aqua and teal. On the other hand, cooler shades of blue , Adding The Christian Faith To Your Home Decor can have a tendency to cause feelings of sadness.


Over the millennia, purple has been associated with royalty in Western civilizations, due to the difficulty and expense involved in producing purple dye, which was made from a particular species of mollusk shell. Even today, when purple can be produced just as inexpensively as any other color, , Home Fire Prevention Effectiveness 1 the use of purple is still considered to represent elegance and sophistication.

There are stories and connotations for every color, , Shower Filters Reducing Risks and different cultures assign different meanings to colors. , Adding The Christian Faith To Your Home Decor For instance, American brides generally prefer white , Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tips wedding dresses, while many Asian cultures dress their brides in black, reserving white , Shower Enclosures are all the rage for funerals. But regardless of what culture on is from, one thing is certain: colors , Differences between Engineered, Pre-finished, and Unfinished Hardwood Flooring will always have effects on human beings and should be carefully considered when decorating , Working With Your Home, Not Against It a home. , Choosing the Right General Contractor

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Professor Jeanette Fisher, author of Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, Joy to the Home, , It's the most wonderful time of the year. and other books teaches Real Estate Investing and Design , Bean bag chairs compared to regular furniture Psychology. For more articles, tips, , Compact Refrigerators Are Great When Small Is Needed reports, newsletters, and sales flyer template, see

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