Choosing the Right Ladder for Your Home


Article by: Amanda Miller

There are many different styles, materials and uses of ladders. With all the options out there, how do decide what is right for your home. , How Bad Is The Air In Your House? In this article I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of several of the main ladder types, to help you make an informed buying decision for your home. , Do You Know How To Use Window Coverings?

There are three materials in which most ladders are made from. Each of these materials offer specific benefits and will behave differently depending on the use.

Aluminum Ladders

Ladders made with Aluminum offer a lightweight and strong alternative to other ladder types. The benefits to this are obvious, allowing for transportation and use of the ladder with ease. The aluminum ladder is also resistant to most normal wear and tear gained by ladders made of other materials. Aluminum also does not need coating and will not crack like it's wooden , The Perfect Ceramic Tile: A Guide counterpart.

Disadvantages: Aluminum ladders can't be used in situations involving intense heat , Garage Storage Cabinets or electricity , Ceramic Tile Underlayments - The Basics due to its conductive nature. , Create a Luxurious Laundry Room

Wood Ladders

The wood , Do You Know How To Use Window Coverings? ladder is the traditional ladder type. Most wood , How Tiffany Stained Glass Is Colored ladders are made of a combination of hardwoods and softwoods, which result in a very strong ladder. Wood , Christmas Decorating Ideas ladders also do not conduct electricity, , Mexican Artisans Promote the Use of Recycled Copper in the Fabrication of Their World Famous Copper so they can be used in places , Stake Your Ground with a Tailgating Flagpole where aluminum ladders cannot.

Disadvantages: Wood , Garage Storage Cabinets ladders tend to get very heavy compared to their aluminum counterpart. In addition, they need a varnish to help preserve the life of the wood. , Decorating On A Dime Wood , Repairing Your Own Machine Components ladders are also susceptible to aging such as cracks and rot.

Fiberglass Ladders

Fiberglass ladders are the newest form of ladder. Fiberglass is a man-made material that, like wood, , en Shutters - Interior Shutters for Home, Office, Restaurant, Cafe doesn't conduct electricity , Air Purifiers: Worth The Cost Or Not? when dry. Fiberglass is also a very dense material, and can be exposed to high temperatures , Ceramic Tile Underlayments - The Basics for short periods of time without weakening and will generally regain its previous strength once removed from the heat. , The Perfect Ceramic Tile: A Guide Fiberglass also doesn't crack or rot such as wood , Removal Of Asbestos Floor Tile -A Specialized Job when left outside , Stake Your Ground with a Tailgating Flagpole in certain weather. , Home Tours For The Masses


While fiberglass seems to combine the advantages of both aluminum and wood , Securing Your Castle ladders, it also has unique disadvantages. The density of fiberglass makes these ladders very heavy, heavier than wood , Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget - Remodel Your Bathroom in Stages and aluminum. In addition fiberglass can crack when under great pressure or impact.

Knowing these specific advantages and disadvantages to ladder types, you can now asses what type is right for you. Ask yourself , Harmonics Laminate Flooring – Easy To Install And Keep Clean questions such as: Will I be doing a lot of ladder work outside? Will I be working near power , How to Tell if Your Parking Lot or Driveway is in Trouble lines? Will I have another person there to help me carry and setup the ladder?

Once you answer these questions you can see what type of ladder lends itself to your specific needs. And always, if you are not sure how to , How Tiffany Stained Glass Is Colored safely use your ladder, make sure you consult an expert.
Amanda Miller is a home , Choosing The Right Chain Link Fence For Your repair and interior design , Replacing Flappers (When Toilets Turn Themselves On) expert. She has reviewed numerous home , Celadon wares: the old and the new improvement tools , How to Judge Chinese Suzhou Embroidery such as little giant ladders systems

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