Chill Out with a Quality Ceiling Fan


Article by: John Buckle

If your air , White Horse Weather Vanes conditioning is running flat , Bean Bags versus Traditional Sofas out but your house , Garage Door Opener Climate Control Systems of the Future still feels hot , White Horse Weather Vanes and stuffy perhaps you need to improve the air , Why Oak Hardwood Flooring Is The Best For You flow. A great way to move air , When To Purchase Window Replacements around is by installing a ceiling fan so what should you consider before making your purchase.

Room size dictates the fan best suited but as a basic rule of thumb most rooms , Creating a Family Reading can accommodate a 50" or 52" size fan, consequently all manufacturers , Practical Home Improvement - Soundproofing Techniques make their most popular styles in this size. Smaller and over sized fans can be found for special requirements.

The look of a fan is important but the most important factor when purchasing a ceiling fan is the size, power, , Sanitair Vacuum Cleaners – Bringing Commercial Cleaners Home and durability of the motor. A better quality motor costs more but will move more air , Knobs, Hinges and More Now Offers Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets without wobbling or noise and can safely be left running for days, weeks or even years without burning out.

5 factors that work together and determine how much air , Building a New Home? - Talking to Builders is the 6th Step, Not the First a ceiling fan will move

Blade Pitch

The pitch of the blade and the power , Creating a Family Reading Room of the motor must be well engineered so they can work together and create air , Outdoor Kitchens – Simple and Sophisticated movement without going beyond the motors capability, when a fan operates efficiently it will last a lifetime.

Blade Shape and Size

Even the most powerful ceiling fan motor cannot move the blades fast enough if the blades are too long or wide, larger is not always better but too small or narrow is also not good.


The best fans provide 6 speeds, low to high and many are reversible so that in the summer , New Answer to Age Old Problem: How to Find a Contractor? a ceiling fan can draw warm air , Some Great Tips To Help You Before You Hire A Mason up and away and in winter , Bean Bags versus Traditional Sofas by reversing the fan blade direction can pull warm air , Bean Bags versus Traditional Sofas from the ceiling down to the floor. , Bathroom Renovation for a Modern and Aesthetic Home Space

Height from Ceiling

Seven to eight feet from the floor , Changing a Toilet Wax Ring gives the best ceiling fan airflow so you can appreciate the air , Generator Power Solutions Compared To Generator Shopping movement and the ceiling fan can operate most efficiently. Ceiling hugger fans operate in rooms , Sanitair Vacuum Cleaners – Bringing Commercial Cleaners Home with less head height and would normally operate at slower speeds so as not to cause turbulence and fan wobble.

Motor The most important factor is the motor, a strong precision made motor will move the most air , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove without noise or wobble if the other 4 factors are present.

For top performance and durability it pays to buy the best you can afford, whilst cheaper ceiling fans may appear better value for money initially they often have to work harder to achieve the same affect and subsequently often don't last as long.

Installing a ceiling fan can be normally be accomplished relatively easily following the provided instructions but if you don't fancy the job a good handyman could install the fan for you in a couple of hours or less.
John Buckle has a keen interest in interior , Proper Maintenance for Your Deck Will Keep the Love Strong decoration and has developed a number of properties , How to Insulate a Basement With Safety in Mind and offers ceiling fan design tips , Generator Power Solutions Compared To Generator Shopping and advice , Proper Maintenance for Your Deck Will Keep the Love Strong at

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