Chester Conservatory Build Process


Article by: Carl Russell

1. The site of the proposed conservatory. , Building a Deck – Selecting the Right Nails, Screws, or Fixtures

2. Construction work begins. The trench is excavated to suit the relevant ground conditions, in this case, to a depth of 450mm (minimum depth) for the footings. The general ground level (within the area of the trench) is also reduced to a minimum of 300 mm below the DPC. Excavation exposes an underground pipe.

3. Concrete , Swimming Pool Accessories Overview lintels should be placed to bridge the underground drainage pipe to prevent the pipe being crushed. Also additional steel reinforcement mesh introduced to the concrete , Chairs: Gotta Have Them foundation will provide additional support.

4. Stakes driven into the ground are set 450mm below DPC (Damp Proof Course) and 300mm below outside , Knobs, Hinges and More Now Offers Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets ground level. Concrete , Decorating A Baby Nursery: A Few Essentials is then poured into the 450mm deep trench to a depth of 150mm.

5. The concrete , How to Buy the Right Hot Tub the First Time: Key Questions Before You Build Your Backyard Getaway is floated to form a level surface 450mm below the house , Designing Your Kitchen for Your Budget DPC

6. The inner leaf of the cavity wall , How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business is built up to floor , Sauna Stoves - Wood Burning, Gas or Electric? level, usually the house , The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses DPC.

7. Hardcore is laid to a minimum 100mm deep and compacted to form the base layer of the slab.

8. A blinding screed of sand , Custom Kitchen Cabinets. What you Need to Know. 50mm thick is laid over the compacted hardcore layer to prevent any sharp stones , Keys To A Successful Home Renovation Project puncturing the damp proof membrane (heavy duty plastic , The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses sheeting).

9. The damp proof membrane is laid over the sand , Wood Laminate Floors blinding and lapped onto the inner leaf of brickwork

10. Optional floor , Choosing the proper frame style when installing new windows insulation (50mm thick Styrofoam in this case) is placed upon the sheeting.

11. Concrete , Deck the Walls with Christmas Wall Displays 100mm thick is laid to bring the slab up to the finished floor , How To Clean Laminate s level which is then float finished to give a smooth finish for tiling , Designing Your Kitchen for Your Budget or carpet , Financing Residential Solar Power finish

12. The outer leaf of the wall , Home Plans Buying Guide is built. In this case, artificial stone , 5 Questions To Ask Before Starting Any Home Improvement Project to match the house , Wood Laminate Floors is used

13. The inner leaf of the cavity wall , The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses is built to complete the basework. The same material as the outer leaf has been used to provide a feature stone , Keys To A Successful Home Renovation Project finish

14. The PVCu external cill is fitted to the dwarf wall , The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses and erection of the side frames begins.

15. On completion of the frames the structural aluminium eaves beam is fitted to the head of the frames.

16. The PVCu thermally clad aluminium glazing bars and ridge system are quickly assembled.

17. The polycarbonate glazing panels are installed (alternatively, double glazed units may be specified).

18. The side frames are glazed after the roof , Foundation Leak Repair is complete

19. The ventilated aluminium ridge is ready to accept the clip fit PVCu internal cladding. Electrical cables may be concealed behind the cladding if a fan or lights , Show Off Those Curtain Rods are required.

20. The PVCu internal fascia is clipped onto the eaves beam to complete the internal finishing trims. Other internal work IS completed once the roof , Designing Your Kitchen for Your Budget is on

21. The completed conservatory
Carl Russell

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