Changing a Toilet Wax Ring


Article by: Mark Donovan

If there is water , Concrete Cutting: An Insight To Concrete Core Drills and Concrete Core Drilling slowly leaking around the base of your toilet, or you constantly smell a foul odor in your bathroom , Energy Efficient Resale Home - Shopping for One? chances are the toilet wax ring has begun to fail and it is time for it to be replaced.

A toilet wax ring is pretty much described by its name. It is a 1 to 2 inch thick ring of wax, frequently found surrounding a plastic , Tiara of Lights: The History of Chandeliers funnel. The toilet wax ring works by forming a water/air tight seal between the base of the porcelain toilet base and the toilet flange (plastic or cast iron).

If a toilet rocks when it is sat upon, over time the toilet wax ring will breakdown and fail. This failure manifests itself in the formation of small water , Knobs, Hinges and More Now Offers Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets and odor leaks around the base of the toilet. If left unchecked, damage could occur to the bathroom floor , A Quick Guide to Plastic Mailboxes and unsafe sewer gasses may build up in the home. , Radiant Heat and Concrete – Why proper curing is so important

A new toilet wax ring should also be replaced any time a toilet is removed (e.g. during the installation of a new bathroom , Home Additions floor).

Replacing a toilet wax ring is easy to do and can be done by the do it yourself , RV Air Conditioner Rentals homeowner with a little knowledge and some preparation. Replacing a toilet wax ring can be done in about 1 hour assuming there are no extenuating circumstances.

The basic steps required to change , Feng Shui Your Workspace with Natural Rattan Furniture a toilet wax ring begin with turning off the water , Teak Furniture Outdoor or Indoor Use? supply line and emptying the tank and bowl of water. , The Impact of Beds on Bedroom Design The supply line also needs to be disconnected from the toilet.

Next the anchor nuts, secured to the Hold-Down bolts, need to be unscrewed.

The toilet is then lifted off the toilet flange and turned over.

The old toilet wax ring can then be scraped and removed off the base of the toilet, and the floor , Adirondack Chairs: A Great Gift Idea can be cleaned of any old wax ring residue.

The new toilet wax ring is then pressed onto the base of the toilet and the toilet is then reseated onto the toilet flange.

The anchor nuts are then re-screwed back onto the Hold-down bolts and the supply line reconnected.

The water , What Should Be Considered Before Installing A Swimming Pool? supply line to the toilet can then be turned back on and the toilet is back in business.

For more help on changing a toilet wax ring see the Changing a Toilet Wax Ring EBook from The Changing a Toilet Wax Ring EBook will quickly explain to you in detail the step-by-step process for changing the wax ring on a toilet and includes how-to pictures for every key step in the process.
Over the past 20+ years Mark Donovan has been involved with building homes , Energy Efficient Resale - Shopping for One? and additions to homes. , Energy Efficient Resale - Shopping for One? His projects have included: building , How Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps Are Made a vacation home, , How Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps Are Made building , Home Inspection Checklists additions and garages , Home Inspection Checklists on to existing homes, , Purifiers Q&A: Water And Air Purifier And Filter Basics and finishing unfinished homes. , Get Organized For more home , Is your fireplace keeping you warm and cosy? - Tips for better heat. improvement information , Tiara of Lights: The History of Chandeliers visit and

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