Ceiling Fans...Why Use Them?


Article by: Michael Russell

Fans have been used for centuries to create air-flow and comfort humanity during hot , Buyers Guide For Modern Mailboxes weather. Do you know that if used properly, fans may also comfort during cold , Inspecting Your Chimney And Its Liners weather? It's true! Hot air , Buyers Guide For Modern Mailboxes rises. This is a fact and an attribute of nature, , How Old Should You Be Before You Buy A Loft Bed? of which most people are already aware. Of course, during warm/hot weather, , Taking Care of Your Adirondack Chair we want the hotter air , Prefabricated Sports Buildings to rise above us. When it's cool/cold, we want that warmer air , Toxic Mold Tort Experts closer to the ground, which we habitually occupy. Ceiling fans can help us to maintain this "comfort zone".

A good ceiling fan, when properly used and maintained, can also alleviate heating and cooling costs in one's home. , Tips For Buying A Furnace With the rising cost of fuel and energy, , Taking Care of Your Adirondack Chair this is most desirable to many people. And for those concerned about our environment, , Composite Decking – The Ultimate Choice In Materials For Your Deck sensible usage is an important factor in cutting down on the consumption of energy , Which Lamp Should I Choose? sources which may contribute to the pollution , An Armoire Combines Function And Beauty To Provide Versatile Storage Space Throughout The Home of our planet. , Real Estate: Points for Purchasers

One can, realistically, save , Scented Candles make a House a Home! between $13 and $24 (USD) annually on utility bills, plus the savings on air , Engineered Wood Flooring conditioning and heating costs gained when a ceiling fan is properly installed, maintained, and used. A good quality ceiling fan will use up to 50% less energy , Planning Permission Tips UK - Permitted Development Allowances - Not the Golden Goose You Imagine that a conventional fan, thereby cutting back on overall energy , The Curtain Cart - When Color, Texture and Design Matter usage.

It is important to use the right size and model of fan in a room , Toxic Mold Tort Experts to receive the maximum benefits with the minimum energy , Honeywell Air Cleaners – Good Value with Low Maintenance usage. There are many name-brand websites, as well as independent dealers, online , Window coverings a perfect solution for privacy. to do comparison shopping. Having stated that, the Environmental , Composite Decking – The Ultimate Choice In Materials For Your Deck Protection Agency promotes the "EnergyStar" program, which focuses on using products , Moving Across The US? Consider An Auto Shipping Company To Move Your Family Vehicles. specifically manufactured for more efficient use of energy. , Inspecting Your Chimney And Its Liners For EnergyStar Qualified ceiling fans, visit http://www.energystar.gov and type in "ceiling fan" in the search browser located in the upper right-hand corner of the site. This will direct you to specifications and a link for the EnergyStar Qualified Ceiling Fans, along with other pertinent data for determining which ceiling fan(s) may be right for your home. , How to Buy a LCD TV with HDTV You will also find, toward the bottom of the webpage, links for ceiling fan installation and tips , How Old Should You Be Before You Buy A Loft Bed? for the do-it-yourselfers among us.

A quality installation is just as important as the quality of the ceiling fan(s) which you choose. If you have any doubts about your own ability to do a top-notch installation, seek out a certified electrician to do the job for you.

Now, how does one attain both comfort and cost efficiency with the use of ceiling fans? Once you have chosen, purchased, and installed your fan(s), use these guidelines:

Summertime - Set your fan(s) for counter-clockwise rotation to "pull" the warmer air , Planning Permission Tips UK - Permitted Development Allowances - Not the Golden Goose You Imagine toward the ceiling of the room. , Buyers Guide For Modern Mailboxes By drawing the warmer air , A Swimming Pool Can Give Your Family a Year Round Vacation up, and causing it to be replaced by cooler air, , Aquatic Bath Tubs - More Than Just a Dip one's thermostat will register a cooler temperature , Engineered Wood Flooring in the room, , The Four Essential Tips to Consider Before Choosing Flooring for Your Home thus causing the air , A Productive Garage is Not a Messy One conditioning unit to operate less, thereby saving on energy , Toxic Mold Tort Experts consumption.

Wintertime - Set your fan(s) to a clockwise rotation to "push" warmer air , Decorating Roll Up Bamboo Shades down from the ceiling and "force" it to mingle with the cooler air , Decorating Roll Up Bamboo Shades closer to the floor, , Decorating Roll Up Bamboo Shades thereby warming the ambient temperature , How to Modify Your Landscaping to Protect Your House from Burglars of the room. , Composite Decking – The Ultimate Choice In Materials For Your Deck This, in turn, enables one to lower the thermostat and still ensure that the area which most of us occupy in a room , Building a Deck – Selecting the Right Nails, Screws, or Fixtures is at a comfortable level.

In conclusion, by following the information , Choosing The Right Garage Door in this article, one can see an appreciable difference in heating and cooling costs. And one can have more "control" over one's indoor environment, , How Old Should You Be Before You Buy A Loft Bed? with proper use of ceiling fans. Plus, one can be satisfied in knowing that we are helping to protect our environment , Aquatic Bath Tubs - More Than Just a Dip by using less polluting energy , Aquatic Bath Tubs - More Than Just a Dip sources.

One further footnote for DIYers: installing ceiling fans does not necessarily include, nor preclude, the consumption of alcoholic beverages. However if one wishes to imbibe during the installation, it is most advisable to do so only while watching a qualified electrician do the job.
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