Care & Maintenance of Stone Sinks


Article by: Jack Healy

Most stone , Inspecting Your Chimney and Its Liners will stain because it is porous. This allows fluids to enter and become embedded below the surface. The longer a stain remains, the deeper it penetrates and becomes more permanent; therefore, it is important to remove a stain as soon as it occurs. This applies to any stone , The Four Essential Tips to Consider Before Choosing Flooring for Your Home used in the construction of your sink.

Granite is a very durable, resilient stone. , Corn Furnaces (Bio-Fuel) Reduce Heating Costs and are Good for the Enviornment Too For regular cleaning, use a soapy nylon brush in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly. Cleaning on a regular basis will help prevent the development of hard water , Developing a Garage Addition Building Plan and Estimating Garage Addition Costs deposits. If you develop persistent stains, try a non-abrasive cleaner such as dishwasher soap, a bleach solution, or Soft Scrub®. Be sure to avoid strong alkalis such as ammonia and drain unblocking chemicals that involve filling the sink with water. , How To Install A Home Purifier If you encounter a rust stain, usually caused by iron particles from water, , How To Install A Home Purifier cookware, etc., use a cleaner containing oxalic acid. Do not use bleach directly on granite!

Marble has a shiny, elegant finish. Maintaining this look can be difficult due to the porosity of the stone. , Carpet Cleaning Tips Sealing helps keep the stone , Laminated Flooring Installation Tips from absorbing fluids, but acidic liquids, such as orange juice, lemons, soft drinks, various foods, , Cleaning Laminate Floor and common household , Do-It-Yourself Home Saunas Build Your Own From a Kit cleaners, will cause a dull etched spot. . For this reason, do not use acidic cleaners on your marble. Wet glasses , Chair Cushions containing slightly acidic liquids can cause hard water , Saltillo Tiles spots. To avoid water , Which Door Handle Should You Choose? spots, rinse and dry your sink after each use. The only way to remove etching and water , The Best Information on Baby, Crib and Kid's Bedding spots is by refinishing and re-polishing by a professional. For regular care, use a soft, liquid cleanser with bleach or a common household , How to Find the Best Home Remodeling Contractor detergent.

Limestone is known for the seashells and fossils embedded into it. Some Limestone is "soft", so you should be careful about scratching or nicking the surface when using sharp objects. Limestone should be periodically treated with a penetrating sealant to protect against staining, especially when working with acidic materials. Possible sealants include Safecoat MexeSeal®, Seal & Go "S"Â®, and Seal & Go "Enhancer"Â®.

Soapstone has a smooth, silky finish. It is extremely dense so it repels stains well. This stone , How To Install Bamboo Flooring is the least porous of the stones , Chair Cushions used in kitchen , Saltillo Tiles or bathroom , Tips for Choosing Window Blinds sinks and vessels. To clean, use a damp cloth or sponge with a mild cleanser. Your soapstone sink should be treated monthly with mineral oil.

Stain Removal

For removing difficult stains on all stone , How To Install A Home Water Purifier types try the following steps before consulting an expert.

1) Clean the area using a stone , Air Purifiers and Finding them Fast cleaner with a neutral pH. If this does not help, try a more aggressive cleaner. Keep in mind what types of stones , Carpet Cleaning Tips are sensitive to certain chemicals, as stated above.

2) Wet your surface with distilled water. , Laminate Floor - Some Advice to Think Over This will keep the chemical from drying too fast, allowing it to stay in contact with the stain longer.

3) Prepare a poultice. This will be used to absorb the stain out of the stone. , Corn Furnaces (Bio-Fuel) Reduce Heating Costs and are Good for the Enviornment Too An easy poultice to create at home , Pellet Stoves Offer Cheaper, Cleaner, Heating requires mixing one cup of flour and a few tablespoons of liquid dish detergent. Mix the two together until you have the consistency of peanut butter. You can purchase chemical poultices if you prefer. *For stains with red wine, replace the detergent with hydrogen peroxide.

4) Thickly cover the stain in the poultice you have created and cover with saran wrap and tape the edges down with masking tape (won't create a permanent residue), then let sit overnight.

5) After 24 hours, remove the plastic. , A Guide to Home Dehumidifiers Let sit uncovered until poultice is dry. This step is important because the drying is what pulls the stain out of the stone. , Washing Machines, How Do I Choose The One For Me? You can then remove the poultice by scraping it off with a razor blade or putty knife. Clean off the residue with water , Generators - Buying Tips for Finding the Best Value and a neutral cleaner. *Granite is more porous than other stones , The Best Information on Baby, Crib and Kid's Bedding so it will retain moisture , The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide longer. If the stain appears to be gone, but the stone , Laminated Flooring Installation Tips is a slightly darker color, , Tips for Choosing Window Blinds give it a week or more to dry before reattempting the poultice method.

For more information , Tips for Choosing Window Blinds on stone , What's So Special About My Front Door? sinks - whether for the kitchen, , French Doors vs. Lanai Doors What Fits Your Home Best bath or bar, please visit Sinks Gallery where you will find the largest variety of artisan and hand crafted , Cleaning Laminate Floor sinks available anywhere. There are several more articles online , Common Sense Fire Safety in the "tips" section.
Jack Healy is part owner of Functional Art Gallery, LLC - Functional Art Gallery - a growing , How to Makeover and Enhance a Rooftop Deck family of online , Vinyl Siding Colors resources for the designer, , Dust Collection: Is It Your Concern? architect, builder and discerning homeowner. The company focuses on handcrafted , Other types of Stair lifts functional & architectural works of art for both residential and commercial projects. The Functional Art Gallery family includes Glass , Keys To A Successful Home Renovation Project Artists Gallery, Sinks Gallery and Art Lighting Gallery. Together these resources provide the largest collection of artisan and designer , history of lacquer paintings products available in North America.

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