Building A Home: 6 Things Your Builder Will Not Tell You


Article by: Donald Lawson

Buying a newly constructed home , Where To Find Christmas Decorations And Ornaments should be an enjoyable experience. Sadly, for most consumers, it's a nightmare that will stay with them the rest of their life. A common statement made by many new homebuyers is that they will never have another home , Luxurious Whirlpool Baths Aren't Just for the Rich and Famous built for them.

Here's 6 things your builder will probably never tell you.

"We market that our company only uses the finest craftsmen to build our homes , Furnace Buying Tips when in reality, we use the cheapest trades we can find, which means that many are not skilled and are day laborers."

Custom and spec homebuilders bid out the work on your home , Air Conditioning to the lowest bidder. Kinda like the U.S. Government. There is few Custom builders left who do their own work and have their own crews.

"I have a binding contract that will prevent you from suing me should you have major defects in your home , A Step By Step Guide To Opening Your Swimming Pool after you move in. And better yet, there is little you can do to get me to fix it!"

Read the fine print on your contract. Better yet, have a real estate attorney read it for you and explain to you what legal recourse you have should there be problems after you close. I bet you'll come out of the attorney's office amazed at how little rights you have if you sign the builders contract.

"If you're really smart, you'll hire your own third party, code certified, home , Little Giant Ladders A Guide to Choosing the Best Model inspector because the public inspectors and even my own inspectors aren't here with your best interest at heart!"

Builders today search out third party inspectors to perform "Quality Assurance" inspections. Problem is, this is just more marketing hype than anything. In most states, these third party inspectors do not have to be licensed , Little Giant Ladders A Guide to Choosing the Best Model to perform "Construction Inspections". My inspectors and I find a long list of items that these inspectors either miss or ignore on every new home , Algae Resistant Roof Shingles we inspect. Not once have we found a home , The Truth About Roofs that the builders inspector found a majority of the defects.

City and county inspectors are generally about the same as the builders inspector or worse. Many of these inspectors are so piled up with work that they can only spend 15 to 20 minutes in a home. , Feng Shui Your , Work and Life For Balance and Harmony Besides, it is not the City or County's inspectors job to look for workmanship issues, they are only there looking for health and safety , A House with Cracks issues and protecting the City and County's interest. Just like the builders inspectors are there protecting the builders interest, not yours!

If you don't know a good code certified home , A House with Cracks inspector ask around or check out the American Society of Home , Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Reading the Right Ones Inspectors at

"My sales people and I can tell you anything we want because we're not regulated by the State"

In many states, you'll find that the sales people for builders are not licensed , Little Giant Ladders A Guide to Choosing the Best Model with the real estate commission like Real Estate Agents are. This lets them tell you whatever they need to so you'll buy a home , Sauna Advantages from them. I've heard just about sales people promising homebuyers just about anything you can imagine they'd buy from their builder. Buyer beware and get them to put it in writing before you sign the contract!

"Your home , Fireplaces and House and Internet Shopping is built over a landfill or swamp"¦maybe both."

As prime land is filling up with new homes, , The Benefits of Synthetic Air Compressor Oil real estate developers and builders are turning to sub prime land. Here in my market, we have subdivisions sitting on landfills, swamps and former rice patties. None are prime areas for building , Furnace Buying Tips a home , How to Make Your Own Concrete Curbs for Pennies Per Foot on.

"If you back out of the contract for any reason, we'll keep your earnest money an upgrade money"

Many people are surprised to find this is true. In Texas most builders will, check with the Attorney General in your state to see if this is legal. Again, the builder or sales people may tell you different, but most contracts have a clause that says you'll forfeit your earnest money or upgrade money if you back out of the home. , The Benefits of Owning an Air Purifier Get it in writing what happens if you back out and the steps you must take to get your money back. Don't think it won't happen to you because I see it happen all the time.

As each state, county and city is different, you should check with a knowledgeable inspector in your area plus your real estate attorney before purchasing a newly constructed home. , Pellet Stoves Offer Cheaper, Cleaner, Heating Also, GET EVERYTHING FROM THE BUILDER IN WRITING! If he promises you he'll throw in a few extra outlets in the garage, , How to Make Your Own Concrete Curbs for Pennies Per Foot get him to put it in the contract.

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Donald Lawson is a Houston Real Estate Inspector licensed , The Benefits of Owning an Air Purifier in Texas (#5824) and Oklahoma (#454). He currently owns and operates V.I.P. Home , Basement Floor Heating: Q&A Inspections, a multi-inspector firm in Houston Texas. If you'd like to learn more about home , Retractable Awnings - Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings inspections or about Houston Real Estate, just click any link here in the authors bio box.

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