Bedroom Art with Good Feng Shui: Selecting Appropriate Images for Your Bedroom


Article by: Kathryn Weber

The bedroom is the site of relaxation, romance, and rest. Designed well, the bedroom can inspire couples to feel more romantic and stir their passions. If not, relationships can dwindle down to a friendly, not so romantic, handshake. If bedrooms are a place , Hand Hooked Rugs of activity, such as exercise, work, hobbies, or other interests, then they will not be the restful space they were intended to be. There is a fine line between creating the bedroom that inspires you and the bedroom that depletes you.

One of the first areas this shows up in is the artwork. Feng shui has stringent rules regarding bedrooms - and correspondingly - the art that goes into them. Time after time, I see bedrooms during feng shui , Introduction to Pipe Repair for Oil, Gas, Water or Wastewater consultations whose artwork appears to be whatever was leftover from the rest of the house. , Introduction to Pipe Repair for Oil, Gas, Water or Wastewater Or, the symbolism of the art in relationship to the room , Bean Bag Chairs Guide it is displayed in is not taken into account, such as winter , Pellet Stoves scenes in a marriage bedroom. This can fill the bedroom with all the wrong messages. Bbbbrrrrr"¦"¦.

Bedrooms should display the messages that inspire the person (or persons) who occupy the room. , The Best Hot Water Portable Generator Revealed Artwork should reflect their tastes, interests, and desires while still following feng shui , How to Design a Hardwood Floor Like a Professional guidelines. This will help to ensure that negative messages or inappropriate messages don't distract from the principal goals of the bedroom: rest, romance, and relaxation.

Look at all the bedrooms in the house. , The Versatile Reciprocating Saw: The Power Tool of Your Dreams Determine if they are inspiring and if they are making the appropriate statements for the room. , Showers For example, a scary Spiderman poster that looks like Spiderman is going to jump off the wall , Efficient Showerheads - Isn't It About Time You Started Conserving Water, And Energy, And Money may create a frightening bedroom for a young boy.

Or, pictures of the kids in a marriage bedroom create too much "kid energy" and can be uncomfortable for romance, causing marital passion to wither. Next, take into account feng shui , How To Open Your Swimming Pool This Spring guidelines, such as eliminating mirrors, pictures of dragons, deities. or vicious animals.

Sleeping is a time when we must be the most protected and cared-for. This is why it makes sense to make sure that your bedrooms support you, your family, and your relationships.

Art in Children's Bedrooms

* Avoid vicious animals and scary figures.

* Place , Ten tips to ensure that you choose the right carpet for your home or office. happy, bright images in the children's bedrooms

* Display images of skill , Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs and learning, such as pictures of globes and books or any kind of learning experience

* DON'T hang pictures of water, , Duct Cleaning - Is Video Inspection Necessary? lakes, or oceans

* Avoid pictures of religious themes, such as crosses or religious figures

* Select pictures of animals that are positive, such as horses (good for sons) that look happy and strong, not frightened. Turtles are also beneficial. Avoid frogs and toads which can appear to "eat" whatever is in the room. , Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs

* DO have pictures of parents in children's bedroom to inspire better behavior and greater respect

* Clouds are very popular for children's bedrooms. Be certain that if you have clouds on the ceiling, that the child's head is not covered by a cloud as this will create "a cloud over his/her head" and this can lead to a number of difficulties. (The same is true for adult bedrooms.)

Art in Adult Bedrooms

* For couples, DO place , Pellet Stoves pictures of pairs (geese, ducks, chairs, , Used Appliance Parts vases, etc.) to foster togetherness

* Avoid pictures of heavenly images deities, religious figures, etc.

* Avoid pictures of singular items that suggest being alone

* Avoid pictures of flowers , Used Appliance Parts and plants, , Efficient Showerheads - Isn't It About Time You Started Conserving Water, And Energy, And Money unless someone is ill. Plants , Bamboo Wood Flooring and pictures of plants , Efficient Showerheads - Isn't It About Time You Started Conserving Water, And Energy, And Money or flowers , Warm Weather Alert: How to Save Money and Ensure Your Comfort with Your Home's Cooling System will cause couples to argue.

* DO have pictures of love, such as couples in an embrace, tasteful nudes, or affection

* DON'T have pictures of children in the bedroom. You have enough "kid time" already. Have one place , House Floor Plans in the house , Repairing / Fixing a sliding glass door in a easy way. that is devoted solely to you and your mate.

* If single, make sure you have pictures in the bedroom that represent the energy , The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings you are trying to attract, i.e., a single woman seeking a man should hang pictures that show men or have men strongly in the scene.

* To create opportunities for yourself, , Efficient Showerheads - Isn't It About Time You Started Conserving Water, And Energy, And Money place , Efficient Showerheads - Isn't It About Time You Started Conserving Water, And Energy, And Money a picture of an open field on the wall , Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs opposite the bed. , Bay Windows Add Character And Space To A Home This suggests the way of your life is open and obstacles are removed.
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui , Duct Cleaning - Is Video Inspection Necessary? e-zine and is dedicated to helping her readers develop successful, prosperous, and supportive environments , Decorate Your Home At Low Cost with feng shui. , "5 Fast Ideas to Freshen the Look of your Room " To subscribe, logon to and receive this special report Fr*ee "16 Feng Shui , House Floor Plans Secrets for Greater Prosperity."

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