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Bath tub inserts enable a user to have an easier time while taking a bath. This is especially useful for young children and the very old. It is very handy for disabled persons too. Tub inserts are usually easy to install with just a minimal number of bolts used and does not require any need to modify the tub.

What to look for in a bath tub insert

Choose bath tub inserts that are made from gel coat and is reinforced by fiberglass materials, can be installed by a single person without any fuss and without changing anything on the existing tub, exhibits a non-slip surface which is also soft and pliable for the user's comfort, and a reasonable warranty which normally lasts from a year up to three years.

Instructions on installing the tub insert

1. First, check the tub insert kit if all the necessary components are present. Look at the tub's bottom to ascertain that its drain gasket is in place. , Have You Got A Leaky Skylight?

2. Cleaned the whole bath tub assembly, including the shower , Fine Window Blinds Are A Versatile Decoration For Today's Home unit with the use of a non-abrasive cleaning agent. After cleaning, make sure that the whole thing is dry before continuing the installation process. This is important since any moisture , Heat Pump Buying Tips left may cause damage to the floor. , Honda's Newest Portable Generators

3. Fit the insert to find it if it fits properly. After testing if the insert fits, remove the insert. Apply silicone caulking to the shower , Try IPE Decking Tiles Give Your Deck A Facelift drain's upper part as well as the tub bottom's gasket. Make sure that the bead of silicone which encircles the drain brass is at least half an inch.

4. With utmost care, gently place , Proper Furniture Care for Wood Furniture the tub insert on the shower , Guide To Water Leak Detection In Our Homes unit by sliding it into place. , Too Many Home Improvement Decisions and Not Enough Answers-The Home Improvement Success System. Apply ample pressure to aid in setting the insert. Fill the tub with water, , Babysitter Spy Camera the water's weight will help in putting the insert in place , Refrigerator - Tips On Buying while the silicone is setting.

5. When the silicone has cured, it is time to drain the water. , Warm Weather Alert: How to Save Money and Ensure Your Comfort with Your Home's Cooling System After draining, clean the tub and the insert using a mild cleaning agent as well as warm water. , Laying Vinyl Tile the Right Way It is a strict no-no to use liquid abrasives or even scouring powder. Congratulations, you may now use your new bath tub!

Cleaning and maintenance

Again, it is important to keep in mind that you should not employ abrasive cleaners. This is because abrasive cleaners have the potential to scratch as well as dull the unit's surface. It is advisable to use liquid detergents like Mr. Clean, Ajax, or Top Job. These cleaning agents that have been mentioned may be used for daily cleaning of the tub. Never use sa metal , Conservatory Blinds the Finishing Touch scraper, steel wool, or wire brushes because these tools , Too Many Home Improvement Decisions and Not Enough Answers-The Home Improvement Success System. can easily damage the whole setup. Periodically, you can scrub any mineral deposits or soap stains using gel gloss or even a dishwashing detergent. Waxing it periodically with a liquid wax can improve the luster and finish of the tub and insert.

If your bath is in any way damaged, you can easily have it repaired. Contact the nearest service center and ask for a professional repairman. If ever the services of a repairman is not available in your area, you can always contact the manufacturer , Outdoor Fireplaces and the Best Ways to FInd them of your bath tub insert as well as that of the tub itself. Repair , Making the Right Wallpaper Style Choice kits can also be bought from the manufacturers , Stairs, Stairwells, Carpet, Tiles and Timber Flooring or from do it yourself , Don't Sweat It - Keep Cool the Portable Way shops. Repair , Bamboo Wood Flooring kits usually include a gel coat.

These are some of the pointers that you must consider when getting a tub insert as well as installing it. Instructions on cleaning and maintaining the whole setup is also included to add years to your bathroom , Don't Sweat It - Keep Cool the Portable Way components.

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Claire Bowes is a successful Webmaster and publisher of bath tubs & bathing. Claire provides more information , Shopping For The Right Mattress on her site about bathtub inserts that you can research at home. , Duct Tape Wallets

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