Bad News Critters - Beware of Animals in Crawl Spaces


Article by: Gil Strachan

Racoon in crawlspace

Furry visitors can cause serious problems for renovators. If you have ever experienced or heard about flea infestations, you'll know what I mean! In addition to fleas, cats and others little critters can be carriers of diseases , The Benefits of Steel Storage Buildings that you'll want to avoid! A man working in a crawl space recently died from pneumonic plague after breathing the same air , A Guide To Choosing the Right Closet as an infected cat he had removed. Plague is a treatable but potentially fatal disease , Are Sun Rooms Safe? caused by bacterial infection.

Some things to remember about crawl spaces... especially those with earthen floors. , Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air-Purifier

* Check for critters, and if need be, call , Home Building Plans the "pest people" before you go down there.

* Ventilate the area, especially when working down there.

* Wear a filter mask that will prevent inhalation of mould and mildew, etc.

* Light , The Value of Concrete Countertops the area as well as possible, and carry a flashlight for back-up.

* Have a helper ready to assist you. (If you have an accident and can't get out, you might be down there for a while... and no one would even know!)

* Lower humidity levels to minimize fungal growth in your crawl space. This can be accomplished by ventilating the space in warm weather, , Solve Small-Space Kitchen Problems with S-O-S Design-Function Techniques and/or using a dehumidfier (the condensate, of course, must be directed outdoors , Is Teak Wood Furniture Right For Me? or into a drain.

* Lowered humidity levels will also help prevent damage to wooden , Marble and Granite - What Produces the Shine? framing members - a wood moisture , Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air-Purifier content of 20 percent is sufficient for growth of mould and mildew, which eventually rots the wood. , Alarm Clock - The Noise From Hell!

"Cat scratch fever is another common ailment that can be picked up in a crawl space. Spread in cat feces, this ailment used to be called Plumber's Disease, , A Guide To Choosing the Right Closet because they caught it so often. One home , Building Plans inspector contracted fungal infections of the lung after breathing humid crawl space air. , How To Artify Your Home Don't laugh, but when you cough, it tastes like mildew!" --Mark Cramer, writing in the ASHI Reporter, January 1995-(C) 1995, ASHI (American Society of Home , The Value of Concrete Countertops Inspectors)
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Gil Strachan is a professional home , Making The Most Of The Front Of Your Using Wind Chimes inspector, representing Electrospec Home , How To Artify Your Inspection Services in east-central Ontario, Canada since 1994. Visit to learn more about home , Cleaning and Caring For Your Floor inspections.

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