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Article by: Joel Walsh

With the new craze for interior decorating , Aluminum Patio Tables Durability inspired by "home makeover" television programs, more and more people are tempted to hire a professional decorator, even if they can't afford one.

Simplicity: the Art of Home , Shag area rugs, one of the most popular floor coverings around Decorating

If you're thinking about breaking the bank for the sake of a beautiful room, , Amazing Shower Stall and Shower Curtain Options think again. You don't have to spend as much as an oil tycoon to have a home , Saunas - Which Kind Is Right for You? every bit as beautiful. , 10 Steps to Help Refrigerators Live Longer Here's why:

A pair of human eyes can only take in so much, no matter how much is put before them.

The secret is not to aim for beauty that comes from opulence, but for a simple beauty. And simple beauty is usually less expensive.

The best way to go for simple beauty in interior design , What features does a good cleaning supplies website contain? is to make the focus of a room , Safety and Windows Installation a single well-chosen decorative element.

Art Prints: Simple Home , The Science of Architecture Decor Focus

But what single beautiful , Purchasing a Wood and Coal Furnace element could you actually afford?

Unless you happen to get really, really lucky at a crafts , How Buying Furniture Online Can Save You Time And Money fair or estate sale, there's only one sure way to buy high taste on a low budget. Not original paintings , Concrete Basement Walls - Add Colorful Spice to Your Basement or expensive wallpaper. Just a well-chosen print of a painting , Caring for Your Window Awnings or photograph that reflects your style and taste and matches your room. , Purchasing a Wood and Coal Furnace

Surprised at such a simple answer to the decorating , How To Get A Rebate for Using Alternative Energy in Illinois conundrum? Perhaps, like most people, you do not understand what art prints really are.

What Art Prints Are Not

Art prints are not posters.

Posters are made using paper stock similar to what magazines use. Art prints are made using special heavier print stock especially for prints.

Posters often play rather loose with the original image, cropping it, resizing it, adding text, or even changing shading. Prints will typically come much closer to the original, and will rarely crop the original image or alter its appearance significantly.

Posters are vastly less durable than art prints. You can expect a high-quality print to last decades without showing signs of age.

Art prints are not reproductions (though they are close).

Reproductions of a work of art, usually a painting, , Kitchen Sinks-Renovate With Pizazz! involve using exactly or nearly exactly the same brush strokes and materials, which is why they are so expensive. Prints, meanwhile, reproduce the look of the artwork without reproducing every detail of it. For instance, even though many prints of paintings , Why should you buy Tempur Pedic's Memory Foam Mattress? use textured surfaces or even artificial brush strokes, the exact brush strokes of the original are not copied.

Reproductions also have to be conserved as carefully as original paintings , Bedroom Decor And Bedding in most cases, or they will fade. High-quality prints are given protection against fading, either in the form of a coating to the surface, or a Plexiglas case.

Reproductions, being paintings, , Hardwood Floors 101 are not very durable, and must be treated with special care. Prints, though not indestructible, are more likely to survive accidents. Some prints can even be washed with glass , 6 Saving Tips When Moving cleaner.

Of course, no art print will be a good anchor for a room's decor , Gel Candles Myths if it's not well chosen. Unfortunately, many people either don't have any particular tastes when it comes to art or decor, , Gel Candles Myths or else do not trust their own taste. Luckily, the internet , Selecting Your Carpet puts the accumulated knowledge of thousands of decorators, artists, and art experts at your disposal. Thanks to the internet, , 6 Saving Tips When Moving your home , Outdoor Kitchens – Simple and Sophisticated can look as good as the ones on TV.

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