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Article by: Michael Russell

The world has become health crazy. There is no getting around it, we are turning towards healthier whole grain cereals and breads, we're exercising more, and we're cleaning our homes , Reuse Works for the Workshop like fanatical lunatics. Included in this cleaning craze is the obsession with cleaning our air. , How To Select A Conference Room Ch We've got air , Spice Up Your Bedroom With Paint purifiers in just about every room. , Area Rugs: Low Cost Way To Beautify Your Home This leads to just one question.

Does it do any good?

To begin with, getting an air , Leaking Fuel Oil Tanks - Avoiding Costly Problems With Oil Spills and Leakage purifier for your home , Ourdoor fireplaces and related products can be confusing as anything. With all the different brands to choose from and different types of air , 5 Ways To Dress Up Your Bath, In A Flash, For Little Cash! purification systems it's almost impossible to know which one is any good, if any of them are.

Then of course there is the burning question, "Do we really need an air , Basement Apartment - Thinking About Building One? purifier anyway?". Is the air , Types Of Carpets in our homes , Area Rugs: Low Cost Way To Beautify Your really that bad? Haven't we been breathing this same air , Leaking Fuel Oil Tanks - Avoiding Costly Problems With Oil Spills and Leakage long before there ever were air , Employ Passive Solar Energy and Start Saving Electricity Today purification systems? What's changed?

All of these questions are enough to give us a headache if not outright drive us crazy. Well, let's deal with one question that we at last can answer.

While it is true that we have been breathing the same air , Red Wine Stain Removal Tips to Save Your Carpet for thousands of years, we really haven't. With the industrial revolution and all the garbage that is sent into our air , Ourdoor fireplaces and related products from factories, the truth is, the air , iRobot Roomba Redefines Household Cleaning is not as clean as it used to be. All you have to do is take a drive down to the factory district in Trenton, NJ and take a whiff. There will be no doubt in your mind that the air , Basement Apartment - Thinking About Building One? down there is dirty.

But the problem goes much deeper than that. If you're wondering why scientists are so concerned about plants , Adding Sofa Slipcovers Is A Quick And Easy Way To Give Your Home A Makeover it is because they give off the one thing we need to breathe, oxygen. They take in carbon , Employ Passive Solar Energy and Start Saving Electricity Today dioxide to do this. So if the plants , How To Select A Conference Room Chair die, we die. It's that simple. The plants , Radiator Cover are actually are a true air , Nannies, Grannies, and the Ontario Fire Code: What Realtors Need to Know About Retrofit Section 9.8 purification system. Still, people feel they need electronic air , iRobot Roomba Redefines Household Cleaning purification systems. Why? How do they work and what good are they if any at all?

Actually, there are many types of systems and each one works differently. We're not going to go into detail of how each one works as that could take a book in itself. But the main types of systems are HEPA Filter Systems, which draw the air , Shutters Basics through the filter and clean it; Ozone Air , Basement Apartment - Thinking About Building One? Purifiers, which work by generating more ozone , Laminate Flooring, A Floor For All Seasons? molecules in the air; Ionic Air , -conditioning - Some Issues About Temperatures Cleaners, which work by negatively charging the air , Baths Take on a New Seasoned Look from Modern to Traditional particles in the room; Electrostatic Precipitators, which work by using positive and negative charges to collect particles and Electrostatic Filters which work by creating a static charge which attracts and collects particles in the air. , An essential guide to planning and maintaining your bathroom

Supposedly, these various technologies produce the end result of cleaning your air. , Vinyl Siding - Adding Value to Your Home Do they? Well, there are tests you can run to determine if the amount of allergens in your home , Tips on Picking the Right Humidifier have been reduced but ultimately it is all going to come down to one thing.

Do you feel better? Does the air , Steps on How to Make Perfect Curtain Rods smell cleaner? Do you notice a difference?

Air purifiers. Help or hype?

We may never really know.
Michael Russell - EzineArticles Expert Author

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Air , How To Select A Conference Room Ch Purifiers

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