Air Duct Cleaning Robots - Are They Effective on Residential Jobs?


Article by: Pat Johnson

Are Robots effective in cleaning Residential air , Modern Rugs Add Color, Texture, Interest and Space Definition To Your Room ducts?

The short answer to the above question is simply...NO!

While robots certainly have their place , Honda's Newest Portable Generators in this industry it definitely in not in residential air , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition duct systems, not only are they very ineffective but the risk of losing one of these VERY EXPENSIVE Robots inside , 10 reasons to buy silk flowers and plants over real ones your duct system is something that no experienced Duct Cleaning technician would ever take.

Robots can be quite effective in commercial applications, However, residential duct systems are a very different beast altogether, It is unlikely that even the most experienced duct cleaner would ever be able to clean more than 20% to 30% of any residential duct system with the use of a robot.

I could write a book on all the reasons why a robot will NEVER get your home's duct system cleaned, the reasons are just too numerous to list here.

I would challenge any duct cleaning company, that they can not effectively clean the average residential duct system with the use of a robot...There's just NO WAY!

What typically will happen when a duct cleaner shows up to your house , Fat or Sugar? with his almighty robot, is that he will begin to explain to you how your particular home's duct system will simply not accommodate the use of a robot so therefore he will resort to using the standard manual tools. , If You're Looking for Bedding, Think "Pink"

I am here to tell you...that is the same story they use in virtually 100% of the households , Where Did Rat Poison Come From? they encounter.

The way I figure it is this, If I can only clean 20% to 30% of the system with the robot and I must use the standard tools , Kitchen Magic for the remaining 70% to 80% of the system, I may as well just use the standard tools , Where Did Rat Poison Come From? on 100% of the system...It just makes perfect sense to me!

So although an advertisement that shows a FANCY-DANCY Robot may look good from a customers perspective, Believe me when I tell you that they are simply not effective in a typical residential system.

If a Duct Cleaning company tells you otherwise, I suggest that you ask them if they are willing to show you proof that their Robot is reaching all areas of your Ducts.
Pat Johnson - President of Enviro-Pure Air , The Benefits of Juicers Care Duct Cleaning

Pat has many years experience in the Duct Cleaning Industry and has written numerous articles about Duct Cleaning practices.

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