A Short Installation Guide Of Solid Wood Countertops And Kitchen Islands


Article by: Adrian Laza

Solid wood , Pool Maintenance countertops are natural , With A Stylish Bathroom Vanity You Can Take Pride In Your Bathroom’s Appearance! products made of wood , Decorating with antique maps from trees , Pool Decks - Add Ambiance to Your Above Ground Pool approximately 120 years old. Wood , Pool Maintenance is a living material and the more moisture , Tools - Machine Tools receives, the more the wood , Sauna Accessories for an Even Better Sauna Bath countertop will expand. The wood , Temperature Control with Solar Panels we used in solid wood , 6 Saving Tips When Moving worktops has been previously kiln dried to a humidity level of 6%, and it is therefore important that the worktop is not exposed to a constantly high level of humidity. Normally the humidity level in kitchens , Do You Realize You Live In A Solar Home? Yes, you. is approximately 50-70%.

The solid wood , How to Prevent Basement Flooding by Installing a Sump Pump top must be attached to the cabinet box using only wood screws , Pool Maintenance and washers. It is not recommended at all to glue the top on the cabinet box; the top and the box expand and contract at different rates, therefore cracks might eventually appear, most probably on the cabinets' surface.

The proper way of installing a solid wood , Great Information on Tempurpedic and Tempurpedic Mattresses top is using metal , The Best Information on Baby, Crib and Kid's Bedding fixings along the cabinet box.

The metal , Jay And The Jaunty Juiceman Juicer fixings must be uniformly distributed throughout the length of the top, spaced at a 1' - 1.5' distance from each other. Across the width, the top is usually fixed to each metal , www.carbon-monoxide-detectors.co.uk support with three screws, , Copper Sinks one in the middle, one toward the front edge and one toward the rear edge. The supports must be perfectly leveled; otherwise tensions can develop in the wood, , What is Cabinet Refacing? leading to warping, cupping, or cracks.

We recommend pre-drilling the screw , Choosing A Kitchen Sink holes into the wood , A Leap In To The Unknown? countertop, in order to avoid cracks and splits. For the same reason, it is a good idea not to over tighten the screws. , A Leap In To The Unknown? The finishing will considerably diminish the extent of such movements, but will not eliminate them altogether. Due to the panel's laminated structure, the lengthwise movements are insignificant, so the installer should pay attention to the movements occurring across the panel's width. In order to prevent the development of inner tensions, the holes in the metal , 6 Saving Tips When Moving fixings should be elongated in the direction of the movements.

When exposed to normal humidity levels - i.e. 50-60% - the worktop's width will expand by 1/12"Âť-1/24"Âť, but when exposed to a level of 80-90%, this measurement may expand by up to 1/2" or even more for some species. Therefore, when the rear edge of the counter top is installed against a wall, , Decorating with antique maps the wall , Air Conditioners might restrict the top's natural , Tools - Machine Tools movements, leading to undesired tensions in the wood. , Web Furniture Retailers Embracing Art Yet Another Reason to Shop Online To avoid this, you can allow a 1/4"Âť-1/2"Âť joint between the wall , Artificial Flowers: A Great Alternative and the countertop edge and caulk it with a thin bid of acid-free silicone.

Additionally, you can firmly fix the rear edge to the metal , Log Cabin Home Design - 5 Design Tips to Consider supports underneath and thus, allow the natural , The Three Types Of Gas Fireplaces movements to occur at the expense of the opposite edge.

In this case, the holes in the metal , Copper Sinks fixings corresponding to the rear edge will be no larger than the screws , How to Install an Inground Flagpole diameter, while the holes corresponding to the middle section and the front edge will be elongated.

For additional information , With A Stylish Bathroom Vanity You Can Take Pride In Your Bathroom’s Appearance! regarding the installation of wood , Roomba Vacuum Cleaner – The Fun Way to Clean countertops, bar tops and kitchen , Vintage Labels on Marble Tiles islands, please visit our web , Strapping a Ceiling page.
Adrian Laza
Lafor Wood , Fat or Sugar? Products
15+ years experience in wood , Tips on Selecting a Futon Bed countertops, butcher blocks, kitchen , Copper Sinks islands, worktops, manufacturing field.

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