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Article by: Rebekah Slatkin

Tax season , Prefabricated Garages is over...The spring , Winter is Coming - is Your Swimming Pool Prepared? holidays have passed... Hopefully by now you have sent your taxes in and recovered from your spring , Sauna Rocks - Another Hot Sauna Topic holiday preparation. You can RELAX! Sit back, get excited for summer. , Home Improvements – Expressing an Attitude

Just don't let things slide too much. In order for you to be able to take the break you deserve, there are a few VITAL organizing systems you need to have in place , Foundation Repair Contractors so clutter doesn't take over.

1. Mail-establish a place , How To Remove Popcorn Ceiling for incoming mail and outgoing mail. I like to keep a picture box with my stamps, envelopes, tape, scissors, a couple of pens, and whatever else I need to send letters.

For incoming mail, you can keep a tiered tray with different categories to look at a later date-bills, medical reimbursements, to file. Frequently check the tray to see when anything is due.

Keeping your mail in one location , Avoiding Leaks When Installing Vinyl Retrofit Windows prevents paper pileup.

2. Receipts and coupons- establish a system for receipts. You can use an expandable check file and label each section according to store, credit card, or type of purchase. Think about where you would look to find it if you needed it.

3. Library books/movies-keep anything you can incur a fine for in one location. , Buying a Ceiling Fan

4. Magazine basket-keep magazines in a basket and when it gets too full, sort and purge.

5. Keys-keep your keys in one place! , Persian Carpets - Popular Styles It may sound obvious to you but do you waste time desperately searching for your keys?

6. Birthdays-read more about keeping a birthday tracking system at http://www.best-organizing-products-superstore.com/yahoo-birthday-reminders.html

7. Gifts-I like keeping extra gifts on hand for those last minute necessities. This may sound terrible- but I also keep gifts that I receive (that I don't particularly like) in this location. , Other types of Stair lifts I do not allow my home , GE Refrigerator - Three Lines For You To Choose From to become cluttered with gifts I did not like and the guilt that goes along with not using them!

8. CDs/DVDs-believe it or not, I have seen media take OVER much floor , Cutting Down Costs: Air Conditioners space and counter space when no specific place , Persian Carpets - Popular Styles is designated for it. Devote one piece of furniture , Painting Still Lifes with drawers to contain all of your media.

9. Lists- This is my favorite! You do not need to have any fancy software or device for this. I open up a plain Microsoft word document for any list I think of-tax deductions for next year, things I have borrowed or lent out, people to send holiday cards to, holiday inventory (for instance, I need a better can opener for next Passover), spring , Christmas Decorating Ideas cleaning chores, books to read, wish lists, babysitting instructions, packing lists...

You name it! Whatever thought enters my head, I write it down to prevent mental clutter.

If you are more of a creative type of person and hate the idea of making lists, do it in a way that speaks to you. For instance, create "landmarks" for your lists. For example, if you have a picture of your spouse on your desk, perhaps keeping a gift wish list or birthday list under his/her picture would remind you to plan , Finishing Your New Fireplace Mantel their birthday gift.

10. Grocery shopping and cooking-Keep a running grocery list on the front of your pantry or refrigeration (with a pen!) so you can write down items as you need them.

Plan one day a week to plan , Home Improvements – Expressing an Attitude all the meals for the week with the ingredients that you need. Be sure to add those ingredients to your grocery list.

Designate the same day each week to go grocery shopping.

11. Laundry , Outdoor Kitchens - Simple and Sophisticated and Cleaning routines One of the most important routines is the laundry , In The Mood and cleaning routine. Part of it is just having the supplies on hand and a comfortable spot to do the laundry. , Shingles

I really love the clorox wipes- whenever you go to the bathroom, , Outdoor Kitchens - Simple and Sophisticated take a quick wipe of the toilet seat, vanity, and sink countertops.

Designate 2 days a week to do laundry , Home Inspection: 22 Questions to Ask Any Home Inspection Company or if it works better for you to throw a load in each morning, that's fine. Make sure you have laundry , Vinyl Siding - Adding Value to Your Home baskets in everyone's room , Buying a Ceiling Fan and a large sorter basket in the laundry room. , Here are some useful tips to know before choosing curtains That way, each person can bring their basket into the laundry room , Preventing Water Damage in the Bath on laundry , Air Conditioner Maintenance: Don't Forget It day and sort it by color. , What To Look For When Buying a New Oven

In terms of a cleaning routine, you have a lot of flexibility. You can designate one day a week for cleaning in addition to cleaning for a 1/2 hour every morning and evening. Think like a restaurant server-pick up after using, wash dishes, wipe down dirty surfaces often. That way you will not need a heavy duty cleaning too often.

Review! 1. Create a place , Feng Shui Interprets Homes in the Hills for everything. Literally give the items that clutter up your home , GE Refrigerator - Three Lines For You To Choose From an address.

2. Build habits-Establishing routines is a very IMPORTANT concept in maintaining lasting organization. Going to the grocery store the same day every week, or returning calls , The Solar Energy Industry Grew 67% Last Year: Are You Making the Best Decision for Your Future? between 3-4 PM every afternoon can save , Using Home Remodeling Software as Your First Step a lot of time and prevent physical and mental clutter.

It is my hope these tips , Buying a Ceiling Fan for basic organizing systems enables you to relax more freely this upcoming summer season. , The Solar Energy Industry Grew 67% Last Year: Are You Making the Best Decision for Your Future? Happy Organizing!
Rebekah Slatkin is a professional organizer dedicated to getting people organized through hands-on decluttering sessions, teleconferencing, coaching, and her website http://www.best-organizing-products-superstore.com Visit http://www.best-organizing-products-superstore.com and subscribe to Organewz, her ezine dedicated to organized living and get organizing tips , Swamp Coolers - Cool Air At Low Cost and downloads- free.

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