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Article by: Mike Davidson

Closets are important fixtures in the house. , UFFI: Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation - What is UFFI? Aside from containing and providing protection for clothes, toys, and food, , Hot Water Boilers the closet contributes significantly to the room's ambience and design. , Home Generators

Before placing an order for a closet, here are some things that you need to consider.

* Size

The size of the closet depends on the size of the space in which the furniture , Hot Water Boilers will be placed. After considering the amount of space, also think about the amount of items that you will be placing inside , Linoleum Flooring: The Truth about Today's Linoleum the closet.

It is suggested that you place , Walnut Hardwood Floors? Why Not! similar items in one closet than having several closets than contain the same items. This will provide ease in organizing the contents and in looking for things stored in the closet.

* Materials

While most closets are made of wood, , Acme Juicer - Perfecting The Art Of Juicing the most important thing that you need to consider is the sturdiness of the materials used. Closets are almost permanent fixtures in the house. , Air Ventilation For Protecting Against Leaky Basements These cannot be easily replaced without going to a lot of trouble with the construction.

So make sure that the materials used can stand thru time until you decide to have the house , Poster, Print or Painting. Where Are You Going To Put It? renovated. Make sure that the wood , Working With Building Inspectors has been pretreated to prevent mold and insect growth.

Also, make sure that the materials are suitable for what you intend to store in the closet. Some closets may not be good for storing food, , Air Purifiers For Pure Breathing so ask first before buying a closet or ordering one.

You can also purchase a closet in three ways. You can buy stock closets, which are ready-made that you can take it home , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove on the same day. This is cheaper, however this provides you with little options.

You can order semi-custom closets. This would mean that the maker can give you samples of designs, , Hot Water Boilers parts and accessories, , Teak Outdoor Furniture Is Not A New Idea and you can select your own combinations.

Custom closets are the most expensive. If you choose a custom closet, you can specify the size and shape (for irregularly-shaped spaces) and design , Options of Flooring - Laminate Floors or Wooden Floors of your closet that you would like to order.

Also consider the drawer slides. These are rated according to load capacity as light, , Basic Guidelines To Owner Home Building medium or heavy. It is better to choose slides that have full extension capability so can access the full depth of the drawers.

* Contents

Consider the amount of contents that will be stored in the closet. It will be better that you have a single closet for similar items for ease of storage and finding what you need.

Also, think about what type of items will be stored. Will you need additional drawers, attachments and racks for your closet? Make sure that you inform or ask the maker about this so he can give you suggestions and more information. , The Many Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

* Design

If you will be placing an order for a customized closet, you can choose exactly what you would like it to look like. Here are some considerations.

Finish - Apart from considering the latest trend, ask what will look good with your home. , Walnut Hardwood Floors? Why Not! For a traditional style, brushed finishes, polished

nickel, pewter or brass will look great in your home's interiors. , Air Conditioners Become Energy Efficient For contemporary style, enameled and gloss-metal shine will match your home's style.

Knobs and pulls - Knobs and pulls are mounted on drawers and doors , Air Conditioners Become Energy Efficient to facilitate opening. Knobs are attached with a single bolt and screw , Air Ventilation For Protecting Against Leaky Basements and require less space than pulls, which are attached by two screws. , Choosing The Right Fireplace To Increase The Value Of Your Home!!! Both can be combined with a backplate or can be used alone.

These are available in a variety of designs, , Home Audio Furniture for Beginners colors , Things to Consider When Purchasing Sunroom Kits and finish including sterling, antique or polished brass, aged bronze, iron, nickel, polished chrome, ceramics and antique copper. , Flood-proof Flooring

Backplates - Backplates are placed on the knob or pull and the drawer or door , How to Substantially Cut Your Energy Bills surface. These are used to cover existing holes on the surface (usually when changing knobs or pulls), to protect the surface (during construction or when the knob is pulled) and to improve the design , Poster, Print or Painting. Where Are You Going To Put It? of the hardware. , Feng Shui Lighting

* Budget

Ready-made closet are always the cheapest but make sure that these will fit your allotted space in your room. , Remodeling Online If you will be able to stretch your budget, it is still best to get a semi-custom or customized closet so you can specify the size and the design. , The World of Kitchen Cabinets

You can always check online , All About Home Renovations for different offers on stock, semi-custom and custom closets. Surely, you can get one that will match your storage and decorating , Teak Outdoor Furniture Is Not A New Idea needs.

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For more great closet information , Should You Refinish Your Wood Floor Yourself? and resources check out: www.justclosets.info

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