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So I'm sitting in the kitchen , Taking Solar Into Account When Designing Your Home Improvements in the middle of the day getting ready to watch a football game, I have the oven going with the mini hotdogs, getting ready to settle in when it happened...I'm sweating!

That's when I decided to install a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan offers many functional benefits while adding a certain decorative touch to a room. , Window curtains help with adding more privacy to your home In the summer , Contemporary Furniture Trends it can help cool a room , Taking Solar Into Account When Designing Your Home Improvements (or even a porch). In the winter , Taking Solar Into Account When Designing Your Home Improvements it can be used at low speeds to circulate warmer air , House Water Filters for Pure and Healthy Drinking Water that has risen to ceiling level.

Whatever your reason for installing a ceiling fan, you will find it to be a relatively easy project especially if you will be replacing a light , Introduction to Pipe Repair for Oil, Gas, Water or Wastewater fixture in the middle of a room , Bamboo Flooring Is Taking The Design World By Storm (all the wiring will already be there). Most likely your biggest obstacle will be a new workbox that is approved for the weight of an overhead fan or adding support to an existing workbox, a workbox that is not approved for ceiling fan weight can lead to disaster! , Taking Solar Into Account When Designing Your Home Improvements

The following instructions cover general installations when replacing an existing light. , A Brief History Of The Linens You Use Everyday It will give you an idea of what is required for the project. Make sure you review and follow instructions that are specific to the fan you purchase. Depending on your installation requirements, you may need to purchase a longer "down rod" for cathedral ceilings or purchase an optional lighting kit if it is not included.

1) Turn off the circuit by switching off the breaker. Remove the existing ceiling fixture.

2) Determine if your existing workbox will provide enough support. If you have access to the workbox from your attic, check to see if the workbox has metal , Tips For Purchasing Cordless Drills cross braces that span between two joists. If not, you can cut a 2"x4" to fit in between the joists. Install it so it touches the top of the workbox. Anchor the wood , Bamboo Flooring Is Taking The Design World By Storm in place. , House Water Filters for Pure and Healthy Drinking Water From the room, , DIY Ladder Safety Tips use 1" drywall screws , Faux Fireplace, on the Cheap! to anchor the box to the wood , What to Look for When Buying a Closet Organizer brace.

3) If you do not have access from the attic, you can install a metal , Faux Fireplace, on the Cheap! cross brace through the rough opening in your ceiling and then attach an approved workbox to the metal , Home Improvement: Ceiling Fans brace.

4) I hate this part! Assemble the ceiling fan according to the manufacturers , The Atomic Clock - Always Accurate provided instructions. When you are ready to hang the fan, take the mounting bracket and install it to the ceiling workbox. Some fans come with a hanging frame that allows you to hook the ball end of the down rod in place. , Ceiling Fans - A Lovely Addition to Any Room Others come with a bracket that provides a "J" hook that allows you to hang the motor housing while hooking up the wiring

5) If you removed a light , Home Inspection - Going On Top fixture from the ceiling, most likely the existing wiring will provide one switched circuit to your new ceiling fan. This means the wall , Chosing to Buy Between Different Types of Ladders switch will function as the master switch to turn the unit off and on. The pull chain on the fan will also control the fan (and its speed). If you install an optional light , Power Washing Roofs Like A Professional kit on the fan, both the wall , Electrical Savings System; Save up to 40% on Your Electric Bill Every Month switch and a pull chain will also control it.

6) Following the wiring diagram provided with the fan, hook up the wires using wire nuts. Most likely this is as simple as connecting the 2 black wires; connecting the 2 white , Types of Staple-Up Radiant Heating Systems wires and connecting the 2 ground wires.

7) Once the fan is wired, finish its assembly according to the specific manufacturer's instructions. You will need to install the canopy to the top of the rod.

8)You will also need to attach the fan blades. If you are installing a light , Interior Design For Babies kit, remove the cover on the bottom of the fan where the light , Urinal Screen Information kit will be mounted. Following the manufacturer's instructions, assemble and install the light , Top 2 Ways To Get A Good Deal On A New Hardwood Floor kit.
At this point you are ready to switch the breaker on and start enjoying your new ceiling fan.

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Ken Davis was born and raised in Bergen County New Jersey, where with his family owns a retail tool , The Basics of Solar Power For Your Home store called TOOLTOWN for more than 45 years. Ken started working with the family in his teens and now with his two brothers are running the business and continuing the family tradition of helping and building , Bamboo Flooring Is Taking The Design World By Storm relationships with the community. You can stop by his store at www.tooltown.com and check out his products, , The Atomic Clock - Always Accurate services and other tips-techniques and do it yourself , Worktops and Countertops for Kitchens - Buyers Guide to Materials projects

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