3 Kinds Of Wood Used In Real Wood Furniture


Article by: Sydney Johnston

Real wood furniture , Log Home Designs - Basic Concepts is the most popular furniture , Five Tips On Buying Water Products For Your Home in existence. It's been around for hundreds of years and probably existed when the cave people got tired of squatting on the dirt floor , Poisons In The Home of their caves and looked around for a better way.

The woods , Can Gel Candles Help Beat The Winter Blues At Your Place? that are fashioned into furniture fall , Design Elements into three categories:

1. Hardwoods
2. Softwoods
3. Composites

Even the term 'hardwood' or 'softwood' is deceptive. Hardwoods aren't necessarily harder, denser material. For example, balsa wood , Tips On Buying Ceiling Fans is one of the lightest, least dense woods there is, and it's considered a hardwood. Technically, lumber is classified based on how the tree , Tips On Buying Ceiling Fans reproduces. As a general rule, though, softwood trees , Selling Solar to Your Utility - Interconnection Agreements are evergreen year round while the hardwoods create the gorgeous autumn , Three Excellent Low-Flow Showerheads foliage that we all love so much.

Hardwoods are considered the highest quality and are the most expensive. Their natural , Feng Shui: Water And The Cycle Of Life colors vary from the darkest woods to the lightest ones and and they can be stained or painted for even more variety. Hardwood furniture , Your Best Choices For Home Water Filter Systems is least likely to warp or bend and is prized in all high quality homes. The five woods , How to Clean Leather Correctly & Remove Leather Stains - Part 1 most commonly used in furniture production are cherry, walnut, oak, maple and mahogany.

Softwoods are less expensive than hardwoods, but they require extra care. Because they are less durable, it's much easier to scratch or dent softwood furniture. , Tips On Buying Ceiling Fans In addition, they often don't have the beautiful , Guide to Finding the Best Mohawk, Berber or Carpet Tiles grains of a hardwood, and therefore don't stain as beautifully.

Pine is an example of a softwood that is commonly used for furniture. These woods , Choosing the Right Colors for your Home's Exterior are often used in construction as well so the choicest pieces are reserved for furniture. , Why Use Water Filters In construction, knots and splits are common. Lots of construction lumber will not accept paint , Tools - The Right Tool For The Right Job and this kind of wood is used for shelves or packing crates.

The softwood used in furniture , Kitchen Faucet Buying tips is designated as "Appearance" lumber and includes most softwood lumber that has been custom milled to a pattern or otherwise surfaced on all four sides.

Composites are the cheapest form of wood , Closet Organizers - Bringing Order To Messy Closets! and are literally manufactured, rather than grown.

1. Plywood: multiple layers of thin wooden , Tools - The Right Tool For The Right Job sheets are glued together and pressed. Plywood is strong and resists swelling, shrinking and warping. There is some furniture made directly from plywood, but generally it is only used as a support when incorporated into furniture. , The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses

2. Particle board: sawdust and small wood , Comparing Carbon Block, Reverse Osmosis, and Other Common Water Filtration Methods chips are mixed with glue or resin which is then shaped and pressure treated. When used for inexpensive furniture, , Great information on bed linens, linen fabric and table linens particle board is usually covered with laminate , House Plans: The Best Investments or veneer. This is necessary because particle board splits easily and the laminate prevents splitting. However, the downside is that the laminate , Tools - The Right Tool For The Right Job may separate from the wood , How to Estimate Home Appliance Energy Use because the particle board responds to temperature , Countertop Materials: Comparing Kitchen Countertop Materials and pressure changes , Eon Decking Composite Decking That Looks And Feels Like Wood by swelling and shrinking.

3. Hardboard: is made like particle board but it's placed under higher pressure so it's stronger.

4. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard: wood , What to Look for in a Telescoping Flagpole particles are bonded with resin and compressed. It is harder than particle board or hardboard, and can be cut like plywood although it isn't as strong as plywood. Some MDF is covered with melamine which is a durable plastic , Decorating A Baby Nursery: A Few Essentials in a variety of colors. , Kitchen Faucet Buying tips The exposed edges of MDF are rough and need covering with molding or some other decorative material.

Technically, furniture , Polishing Granite made from all of these wood , House Plans: The Best Investments products is "real" wood furniture, , Home Inspector Career Info even the composites. Prices and quality range from the hardwoods down to the composites. The higher you go up the spectrum, the more you can expect to pay for your wood furniture. , Eon Decking Composite Decking That Looks And Feels Like Wood The good part, of course, is that with proper care hardwood furniture , Design Elements will last for decades or even generations. If you can afford it, always choose hardwood furniture. , Bamboo Flooring Is Taking The Design World By Storm
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