10 Easy Steps To An Organized Home Office


Article by: Nell Taliercio

Without the structure of an office outside , Prefabricated Home Packages of our homes, , Shower Enclosures are all the rage it is easy to scatter anything work related all over the house. , Here's What a Jacuzzi Will Do For You We still need to complete our work in a timely and efficient manner. After all, the less time we spend working, the more time we have with our family. An organized home , Do It Yourself Concrete Staining: Things to Know Before You Begin office will make for a faster and more pleasant workday. Here are a few ideas to get you and your home , Air conditioners have become an integral part of many s office organized.

1) Do you have a home , Shopping For Carpet office? You don't necessarily need an entire room, , Hot Pressure Washers but you should have a well-defined space to contain all your office essentials and files.

A desk in your bedroom that will hold your files, paper, pens, calculator and of course computer will do fine, especially in the beginning.

If your "office" consists of the dining room , The Faucet: A Deciding Factor table, some of the drawers in your kitchen, , Here's What a Jacuzzi Will Do For You a file cabinet in the basement , Bathroom Vanities - A new vanity set can complete your bathroom's makeover! and the computer in the bedroom, you may want to think about organizing everything in one spot.

Are you spending a lot of time searching for a particular document, running from room , Mold Disinfectant to room , Spring Cleaning Tips And Advice to find it? Consider moving all your files and papers to one central location, , How To Waterproof A Canvas preferably close to the computer if that's where you are doing the bulk of your work.

2) Keep your personal files and papers separate from your business things.

You will eventually have enough paperwork to deal with without having your personal bills, magazines and the kids' after-school schedule mixed in there. Create a separate spot for those somewhere outside , Build Your Own Storage Sheds of your home , Keep The Clogs Out Of Your Kitchen Sinks office space.

3) Create a file system that works for you. Remember, you may be working for someone else, but when it comes to your home , Construction - Choosing The Right Architect office, you are your own boss.

Think about how you look for a particular file or piece of paper. What will be the easiest way for you to find it? Then create a file system that works for you. Don't worry, if you don't get it right the first time, you can always resort and try again. Sooner or later you will come up with a system that is "just right" for you.

4) Take a good look at your work area. Do you have piles of papers, files, mail, floppy discs and CDs lying around? Do you notice anything else piling up? Set aside a few hours and put everything away. Use your new file system and find "homes" for anything else.

5) Now that you have your office organized, set aside a few minutes at the end of your workday to keep it that way. Try to "leave work" for the day with a clean, empty desk. You will appreciate it the next morning. This will also prevent you from ever coming across a huge pile of papers again.

6) Add a personal touch to your office. Bring in some pictures of the kids; add some pretty plants, , Hot Pressure Washers inspirational quotes, or anything else you can think of that will make your office a pleasant place , Get Creative with Designs for Small Kitchen Spaces to work in. In addition to getting and keeping you in a good mood whenever you step in your office, you are more likely to keep it clean and organized if it is a place , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! you treasure. So splurge a little on some special office decor. , A Short Installation Guide Of Solid Wood Countertops And Kitchen Islands

7) Let's talk about the files on your computer. You can waist just as much time searching for an online , What Kind Of Decking Material Do You Like? Get Composite Decking document as for a piece of paper. If your computer is used for work as well as for personal use, create a work folder and use subfolders for particular employers, projects etc.

Again, come up with a file system that works for you and keep your work files separate from your personal files. This is particularly important if other family members access the computer as well. If that's the case, and you are using Windows , How To Waterproof A Canvas XP, I strongly recommend setting up a separate user account just for work and password protecting it. This will prevent other family members from accidentally changing or deleting your work files.

8) In addition to your regular files, you also want to keep your emails organized. Let's be honest, we have all wasted time searching for a particular email that contained some vital information , How to Buy a LCD TV with HDTV we needed fast. Setting up folders for different clients and projects has worked well for me, but again find a system that works for you and stick with it. Sort the email as soon as you read it. It only takes a second or two to drop it in the appropriate folder, but will save , Jacuzzi - A Brief Overview you a lot of time if you have to find it later.

9) Now that you have a good filing system (both physical and digital) in place, , How To Waterproof A Canvas set aside a little time every few months (or weeks if appropriate) to purge your files. We can quickly accumulate a lot of documents both in our file cabinet and on our hard drive that we no longer need. At the very least, try to purge your files twice a year.

10) Now that your office is organized, you may also want to take a look at organizing your time. Again, come up with a system that works well for you.

I encourage you to start with a few of these ideas to get your office and yourself , The Omega Juicer: A Superfood Fountain? more organized. You will be surprised by how much time you will save , Construction - Choosing The Right Architect not searching for files, papers or the stapler. Before long, you won't know how you ever functioned without an organized home , About Rainbow Shower Filter office.

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Nell Taliercio is the owner and founder of www.TelecommutingMoms.com - which is a leading resource website with work at home , Spring Cleaning Tips And Advice jobs and everything a telecommuting mom would need. Come visit us today!

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